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4 Essential Oils For Men

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Gone are the days when only women used to take care of themselves. 

Welcome to the wellness feed guys! 😊 

Today is ThoughtfulThursday so, we thought of talking about men care in today’s blog.  

Often, we have heard and seen women using different stuff for selfcare, haircare, healthcare etc. Also, most of the big beauty and skincare brands are for women. But what about men?  

Did you know that in ancient times, men used oils to fragrantly anoint their bodies? It is also said that when an ancient Egyptian King’s tomb was found and opened in 1922, the excavators discovered over 50 empty carved containers which were especially used for storing essential oils.  

4 Essential Oils For Men

4 Essential Oils For Men

4 Essential Oils For Men

4 Essential Oils For Men

So, if you think using EOs or aromatherapy is feminine, you’re wrong my friend. Nowadays, men are investing their time and money in grooming and taking care of themselves. Following are the four best essential oils for men: 

Ginger Essential Oil. 

Melaleuca (Tea Tree) Essential Oil. 

Frankincense Essential Oil. 

Cedarwood Essential Oil. 

Wondering how to use them? Refer to the graphic 😊 

Happy Oiling! 😊 

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