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Coax The Stains Off Of The Surface With Essential Oils

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PERMANENT MARKER stains on the wall?? 🧐 

Welcome back to the wellness feed! 

Now you probably have known a ton of uses of Lemon Essential Oil. It is well-known as a natural cleaner for our homes and is great for removing permanent markers on painted walls too 💯💁🏼 

Woohoo! Another one on the list! 

Lemon EO can be used as a miracle in the products that cleanse the marker stains on the painted walls in a SWOOPPPP! With commercially available products that fade away your painted walls or even worse peel off the paint overall, why not try something that is natural, all organic and can be made at home easily. It's worth a shot. The best thing about this is that Lemon EO is multipurpose. So, you don't have to worry about it getting finished in a month!  


15 drops of Lemon EO 

1/8 cup of white vinegar 

2 Tbsp of water 


👉 Add all ingredients in a 15 mL spray bottle.  

👉 Shake well before use. 

👉 Spray the mixture on the wall and wipe the marker off 💯 


It can be used for plastic toys, door frames, countertops and what not? Busting tough stains is no more a tough job! So now even if your little ones are drawing on the walls* with permanent markers, you don't have to worry at all‼️ 

*We're not talking about chalked walls. Of course, chalks aren't water proof so any kinda liquid may harm it. 

Note: Whenever you are using it, wipe it off immediately. Don't let it sit on there and bubble! 

Happy DIYing! 😊 

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