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Condition Your Clothes With Homemade Fabric Conditioner

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Today we will be discussing how you can condition your clothes making them softer while extending their lifespan. Again, fabric conditioning is just an extra step you take to benefit from your investment longer. So, let's dive into the ingredients list below and yes, this is customizable as per your preference of essential oil aromas and strength. 


  • 1 litre dark color glass container 
  • 4 cups vinegar 
  • 10 to 15 drops of your favorite essential oils (Our favs include Lavender, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Orange, Spearmint and Lemon) 

Interesting Fact: You can use EOs in this recipe individually as well as in combinations depending on what’s your preferred scent among the many options available. We suggest using a combination that is good for killing bacteria Lemon/ Orange along with any floral scent e.g., Lavender or Geranium. 

Condition Your Clothes With Homemade Fabric Conditioner


  • Add vinegar to the glass container 
  • Add your favorite essential oil or essential oil blend into the container.  
  • Stir the ingredients well and you’re all set to go! 


Always shake the container well to mix all the ingredients. Add half a cup for small loads and 1 full cup of the blend for larger loads into your washer during the rinse cycle. That’s it! It gets you good smelling, softened and bacteria free laundry, all in one go 🙂 

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