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DIY Lotion Bars

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We are back with another interesting never talked about before on our feed DIY! 🤩 

DIYs are so fun! The luxe feeling when something is handmade with all organic ingredients and zero adulteration is something we wanna give our every cent to. 

👉 Why spend gazillions on commercial products when we can get everything done at a fraction of the cost?  

DIY Lotion Bars

Did I mention, it also means you can customize the recipe from start to end? 🤯 

As in, if there are 10 ingredients and you're allergic to 2, would you let the idea go? Noooo! Cause you can replace those ingredients easy peasy with equally organic and well suited for your skin or hair ingredients. Isn't that amazing?? So today we're sharing a recipe for something that's called Lotion Bars.  

They're not any Lotion Bars. They're essential oil infused bars that stay solid at room temperature and melt as soon as they hug your skin. Easy to carry aka portable and drip free!  


Silicone Molds of Your Choice 

Fresh Rose Petals (Even Rose Extract can work but hey, we want our bars to look luxurious, don't we? So, texture needs to shout that out loud) 

6 Oz Sweet Almond Oil 

4.2 Oz Organic Beeswax 

2.2 Oz Cocoa Butter 

2.2 Oz Shea Butter 

20 drops of Geranium Essential Oil (You can use whatever you like) 


Take a microwave friendly container and melt beeswax with sweet almond oil for 40 seconds. 

Add cocoa butter & shea butter into the beeswax and oil mix and stir until completely dissolved. In case it doesn't dissolve, melt for another 10 seconds. 

Take out the mixture and add EOs & rose petals to it. 

Pour the mixture into the mold and place them in the freezer quickly to prevent crystallization. 

Let sit for 1 hour and they're ready to melt on your skin. 

Loved the recipe? What would you change in the recipe and why? 🤗 

Happy DIYing! 😊 

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