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DIY Room Spray With Essential Oils

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Visiting the air freshener aisle at the grocery store is much easier than making an air freshener at home. 


But don’t you think a chemical-free product is much better than something that contains harmful chemicals? According to our information, ready-made air freshener has harmful chemicals which can not only affect your health, but it also stays for a longer period as it is being sprayed in a closed room.  

You must be thinking of an alternative now. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. 

DIY Room Spray With Essential Oils - Materials Needed 

DIY Room Spray With Essential Oils - Directions

Essential Oils are the best way to make your home smell fresh and lovely and stay away from chemicals as they are Organic. All you need to do is follow the recipe mentioned in the graphic and you’re good to go.  

Remember! Always get quality essential oils and check the label before you purchase them. Head to our Did You Know section and learn what are the important factors you need to keep in mind while purchasing essential oils. 

Happy DIYing! 😊 

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