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DIY Slime For Kids

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Hey guys, how are you all and how did the weekend go? 

Did you try the EASY DIY LINEN SPRAY from our last post? We're getting amazing feedback from the blend already!!! 

Today we wanted to over-deliver and help you upgrade your essential oil game! How is that possible? Possibilities with USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC essential oils are limitless! 

DIY Slime For Kids

You're probably staying at home (With your children) while all the daycare facilities are now focused on accommodating essential workers and if you're not one of those you're probably going nuts over how to decrease screen time and increase productive activities-based sessions with your kids! We're therefore today giving you some sensory slime shots!  All Aromatic that you can make at home with 3 simple staple ingredients YES, IT'S THAT EASY, QUICK, AND SUPER STRETCHY sensory play! 

P.S. This slime is so good, super stretchy, customizable, and long-lasting that YOU & YOUR KIDDOS will not only fall in love with it but will also forget buying ones available in the market. 

Note: You can adjust the stretch of your slime by adding/ reducing the quantities of Fractionated Coconut Oil or Glue.  

Do not leave your kids alone with the slime.  

Parents are advised to supervise the sensory play session. 

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