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Here's One Spray That'll Keep The Spiders At Bay

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We've always emphasized that when it comes to Essential Oils, less is more! 

Today, we have a concern i.e., Spiders. We all hate spiders and fear them due to which we keep them away by trying one Hack or the other. However, most of the tricks and tips on the internet don’t usually work. We must have sprayed every inch of the house not once, but a lot of times just to keep these creepy insects away yet the trick doesn’t work. 

Don’t worry! 

First things first, sometimes the hack we are trying to use works. The only problem is that we’re doing too much of the thing which is reversing the impact. 

Please note, you're not supposed to over spray as wetness causes the mold to multiply and that's why you're seeing more spiders. It's also damaging your walls, baseboards, doors, windows, porches, corners in fact the whole room. Plus, the wetness may saturate your carpets and even they might grow molds. 

It's not even good for YOU! 

Here's One Spray That'll Keep The Spiders At Bay

The trick with this spray is, to just get the aroma out as spiders hate that and relocate themselves elsewhere. They run away from the aroma. So, wherever you spray, one spritz should be enough. 

Also, being a member of the wellness community, you don't want to use commercial products as they're more harmful for both the environment and YOU. For those of you who are saying what spray are we talking about, we've shared the simple hack in the graphic below. 

Halloween is gone, and so should these SPIDEYs. I hope there's no Spider fan here LOL. 

Happy DIYing! 😊  

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