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Keep Your Trash Can Free From Odors, Rodents, Bug & Germs

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We have changed our mind… Let’s Talk Trash!  😁 

Hey guys, how is everyone doing? Are you ready for some Trash Talk?  

One that’s sitting, stinking with gooey leftovers, spills, eggshells and what not. On the top of it, if you’ve those lil monsters roaming around the house, you’ll find every other thing from car keys to nail paints to lipsticks in either your TRASH CAN, or COMODE! Yass Gross. 

Well, there is good news and bad news. Because we are attempting to talk trash today, we’ll also be telling you the BAD NEWS FIRST! 

When you let that wet, dry, gooey trash sit, and spill more after every hour one over the other it gives rodents and bugs a mouthful, stomach bursting feast, bacteria an opportunity to file their application to replicate 10 times faster, and odor that is so stinging that it can potentially burns (NOT YOUR HANDS) but the hair in your nostrils. 

So today, we decided to cheat and treat your trash cans with a simple yet powerful SET & FORGET Hack to keep your bins and kitchens away from uninvited guests. That was the GOOD NEWS by the way 🙂 

P.S: This works better than your Baking Powder Hack 🤷️ Trust us on that…And the best part is you don’t have to do it repeatedly (Once in a month would do the job). Enter your kitchen with confidence and inhale organic goodness throughout the month! 

Keep Your Trash Can Free From Odors, Rodents, Bug & Germs

All you need to do is 👇 

  • Grab Your Favorite EO from the list below 
  • Take cotton balls (3 will be enough) 
  • Dip them in essential oil and place them under the trash can’s lid. 
  • Change every month or when you feel the aroma is no longer pungent.  

We wish you could hear those lil monsters bust with fear 😅 

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