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Roller Blend Dilution Guide

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Hello Fam and Happy Friday to ya’ll! 

Today, we have for you the tips and tricks for using your roller blend recipes the right way so that you get the most out of them! 

There are many recipes that call for using the roller blend technique, but not every post elaborates how to use it. Therefore, we are dedicating today’s post to its correct usage.  

Roller blends have become the most travel friendly way to use essential oils be it at office, on some trip or even at home when you’re just about to hit the bed. Many opt for sniffing it straight out of the bottle as they might think it to be handy but to avail the benefits to the fullest you need to have it meet your skin, so that your whole system can feel the effects of the blend. 

Roller Blend Dilution Guide

Where do we put it then? 

Try rolling on neck, behind your ears, on your wrists, spine, tummy, and chest (avoid using on or around sensitive areas). 


  • For a 10 mL roller bottle, use 10 drops of essential oil (oils) and fill rest of the bottle with a carrier oil. Shake well, and you’re ready to Rock N Roll! 
  • Try labeling each blend with ingredients to always know what you’re putting on. 
  • Store in a cool and dry place. 
  • Preferred carrier oils for dilution are, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, and Jojoba Oil. 

NOTE: Always refer to the dilution ratios (dilute with a preferred carrier oil) before making any blends.  

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