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WhatIf You Could Get Big Lashes Organically

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Hello everyone and welcome back to your organic make-up feed! 

Yes, all organic with the star ingredient(s) being ESSENTIAL OILS & CARRIER OILS 

We've shared a ton of DIYs, hacks, and whatnot when it comes to adopting an organic skincare and cosmetics usage regimen. We've also shared hacks that call for all organic ingredients right from scratch! Of course, you cannot use these blends 24/7. The maximum you can do is apply it at the end of the day, probably before going to bed. 

WhatIf You Could Get Big Lashes Organically

Or on weekends? 

But what if you could use them 24/7!!! 

Just by adding a drop or 2 of the carrier oils or its blend in your GO-TO make-up products & amplifying its overall impact? That's what's different about TODAY'S post. We will be answering all that you've ever asked, what if... that involves the usage of essential oils OR carrier oils.  

#1 People asked, how can we grow our lashes?  

We already have an amazing blend for lash growth but the #whatif factor came in, when they said, how can we speed the process? 

To 10X the impact, you'd want to use it in your Go-To MASCARAs too! 

So, the next application (apart from the ones that take place at night) you're going to give your lashes more time to absorb all the natural ingredients and boom grow your lash locks 👩 

Who doesn't wear Mascara? It's constant be it your no make-up look or the HEAVY ones. Love for falsies can never die! With so many brands trying to help you fake them we want you to beat all of them, trust the process and wait for the long-lasting ORGANIC results. You'll forget extensions & the FAKE look that comes with. 

Only apply to eyelashes. Essential oils should never go in the eyes…if it accidentally gets in your eyes, simply “rinse” with warm water (not hot) and a soft cloth.  

Have you tried any of our hair growth recipes before? 🤔 

Which one did you like the most?  

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