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Organic Evening Primrose Oil

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Evening Primrose might seem related to the ever romantic and the majestic rose, however both the flowers are actually quite different. The Evening Primrose is a yellow wildflower that is most commonly found in North America, Europe and some parts of Asia. It is a highly sought out flower because the oil that it produces carries a myriad of beauty and health benefits.

Historically Native American and some European settlers have used evening primrose for food. Also, many years ago they would gather the seeds and cold press them to obtain the oil. Today we use a similar technique to harness the goodness and of purity in the Evening Primrose oil by cold pressing the seeds.

Oil Profile

These days, you can find this oil in a variety of beauty products, as well as in supplement form. The healing benefits associated with the Evening Primrose oil may be due to its gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) content. GLA is a naturally occurring omega-6 fatty acid found in plant oils.

Uses and Benefits

  1. Smoothing wrinkles

Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which is found in evening primrose oil, is known to have a multitude of skin benefits including smoothing wrinkles. Evening Primrose Oil is generally taken as a supplement or applied topically. For flawless, youthful looking skin, try applying evening primrose oil to your face and neck regularly.

  1. Manage Hormones

The oil with a subtle sweet smell has powerful hormone balancing properties. Thanks to its high levels of omega-6 fatty acids, evening primrose oil is a great choice for absorbing healthy fats. The evening primrose oil may be useful in helping balance hormones.

  1. Reduce Symptoms of Acne

For teens experiencing skin blemishes, using evening primrose oil internally and topically can help establish a proper balance of omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids. This balance may help to overcome symptoms of acne. To take advantage of the health benefit for hormonal acne in this oil, you can take an evening primrose oil capsule daily.  For topical application for acne, combine one drop of melaleuca essential oil, one drop of evening primrose oil, and one drop of patchouli oil with one tablespoon of coconut oil. And apply the mixture onto skin.

  1. Soothes Inflammation

The bulk of evening primrose oil’s benefits come from its high concentration of gamma-linolenic acid. GLA ameliorates the presence of inflammation in the body by reducing the production of enzymes, which are responsible for aggravating inflammation.

  1. Nutritional Support of Healthy Fats

Your body needs a healthy balance of essential fatty acids, such as omega-6, found in evening primrose, and omega-3, found in fish oil. Consuming these healthy fats slows down absorption so we can go longer without feeling hungry.

  1. Manage Hair Loss

Using evening primrose oil topically might help with hair loss. To grow thick and healthy hair, combine several drops of evening primrose oil with rosemary essential oil along with coconut oil and massage onto the scalp daily.

Final Thoughts

Evening primrose oil is extracted from the seeds of the evening primrose plant and has been used for centuries for its health and beauty benefits. Some of which include helping in achieving the natural balance of hormones, reducing inflammation and improving appearance of skin and hair. The Evening primrose owns these properties due to the presence of the beneficial fatty acid gamma-linolenic acid (GLA).  

Our oil originates from China and is extracted from the seeds of evening primrose flowers through cold compression. Zongle Therapeutics’ organic evening primrose oil is suitable for topical and internal use.

So, why wait? Order your therapeutic grade, unrefined- virgin Carrier Oil Supplement Organic Evening Primrose Oil today!

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