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Can We Add Essential Oils To Fermented Rice Water?

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Many of you have heard about rice water for hair growth…but #WhatIf you could 10X its impact with essential oils??? 

That's exactly what we're answering TODAY! But first, for those who're unaware of what this is & how it works? 🤔 


The earliest known use of Fermented Rice water was over 1,000 years ago in Japan. Today, it's not only used for hair but is equally popular for its amazing benefits for the skin. That's a story & a #WhatIf for another day.  

& If you're a complete noob to all of this then the bare-bones recipe is to take organic rice & wash them thoroughly, then soak them again in freshwater for 1-2 hours. Then strain the rice & store its water in an airtight container for 12-24 hours allowing it to ferment.   

Rice contains Antioxidants, (e.g., Phenolic & flavonoid compounds), Vitamin E & B6, starches, polysaccharides, and other carbohydrates, amino acids which are building blocks of proteins, that help form and repair hair and even organic acids. 

Additionally, fermented rice grows a free radical called inositol that prevents hair from breakage and a compound pitera which is a byproduct of yeast that helps is cell regeneration. And if you want to 10X that…Add essential oils and carrier oils to it…Ones that boost hair growth…like Rosemary EO, Borage EO, Lavender EO, Hemp Seed Oil, Coconut Oil & Sweet Almond Oil. It all depends on what you want to do. Grow hair faster? Prevent them from thinning? Soothe an irritated scalp? OR do it all! Just make sure, you're diluting it right! 


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