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Hot Diffuser VS Cold Diffuser | What's The Difference?

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Today we're answering Martha, who is concerned about how she can use essential oils effectively. She has just bought her favorite set of USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC oils and is ready to embark on her organic journey. She wants to know 👇 

Should Essential oils be diffused in a hot diffuser or a cold diffuser? 

Let's help Martha! 

Essential Oil Diffusion is the safest & a very commonly used technique for benefitting the most from these aromatic compounds. 

You can diffuse it at your home or personal space, or even at your office, (if you are allowed to diffuse some)!! 

Generally, people prefer to go either one of the 2 options 

  1. Hot Diffuser


  1. Cold Diffuser

Hot OR Heat-based Diffusion method includes boiling of water, candle-flame diffusers, electric diffusers with refillable pods, and light bulb rings. They have a smaller dispersion range that works well in small spaces. 

Whereas Cold OR Cool-based Diffusion includes plant mist diffusers, ultrasonic cool mist diffusers, and nebulizing diffusers. 

Hot Diffuser VS Cold Diffuser | What's The Difference?

Whatever option you want to go with, there are fun, personal, and portable diffusers available in the market that you can choose from. It all comes down to where you are and what purpose you want your diffusers to serve. 

Some can be easily plugged into the car's lighter sockets and USB ports. They are easy to carry, whether you are planning to go to your workplace or anywhere indoors or outdoors. 

It is your choice whether you choose HOT or COLD essential oil diffusion method, but do make sure: 

 Your diffuser must come with an oil receptacle made of non-porous material. 

How big is the area where you want the molecules to spread? 

What is your purpose of diffusion? Relaxation, Yoga, Goodnight, Sleep? 

The oils that you're using are cold-pressed or steam distilled? Some oils like Bergamot and Grapefruit, which are cold-pressed, are sensitive to hot diffusers. So, make sure you read the label properly. 

Hope that helps Martha 🙂 The good news is when you're done deciding how to diffuse (hot/cold) you can then further decide among the many available options in the graphic here 🙂 


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