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Pet-Friendly Essential Oils

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Our pets are dear to us just as our babies! and what other similarities do they have? Well, they are just as sensitive and vulnerable requiring our attention and care. Is there anything you can do as an added step for pet care? For sure! 


*Lavender Essential Oil may help with your pet's anxiety. 

*Frankincense Essential Oil may help protect them from depression. 

*Peppermint Essential Oil may help your dog as a flea repellent. 

*Fennel Essential Oil may help your cat in better digestion. 

*Clary Sage may help horses with stress and fatigue caused by constant activity. 

Pet-Friendly Essential Oils

Our pets are sensitive because their internal systems are not as complex as that of ours and we know that essential oils are highly concentrated forms of plant essences, therefore, not all types of pets have tolerance for all types of essential oils. 

What's the best way to incorporate essential oils in your pet care routine? 

*Always start by using few drops diluted into several ounces of water and check their tolerance for the oil  

*Increase the amount of oil gradually (if required) depending upon your pet's response, if you notice any discomfort in their behavior stop use immediately 

*Consult your vet regarding use 

Key Point to Remember: 

*The smaller the pet, the higher are the chances of intolerance, for example: birds and rodents, etc. 

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