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The 4 Grades Of Essential Oils

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Hey wellness fam, 

Today's topic is important and may help you identify if the essential oils you're using are potent or not. 

Essential oils can be divided into 4 grades depending on the distillation process they go through. 

Below listed are general grades that you can keep in mind before investing in them the next time so you get all organic USDA organic certified brands for yourself only, cause they're a therapeutic grade A quality. 

  1. Therapeutic Grade:
  • Farmed using beyond organic practices. 
  • Distilled for chemical properties, not for aroma. 
  • Extracted from purely chemical-rich botanicals. 
  • Safe to use internally only if the product label recommends (as per the recommended dilution). 
  1. Food Grade:
  • These oils may be already diluted largely with carrier oils. 
  • They may also have toxic chemicals to enhance flavor, smell or increase the quantity of oil.  

The 4 Grades Of Essential Oils

  1. Perfume Grade: 
  • They have the same dilution as of Grade B, Food Grade essential oils. 
  • They're further diluted using synthetic chemicals so they CANNOT be ingested at ALL. 
  • May also contain pesticides, germicides, etc. 
  1. Floral Water:
  • This is a by-product of essential oils that comes while steam distillation of oils and is adulterated. 
  • They smell amazing and are only used to add fragrance to shampoos, perfumes, and lotions. 
  • They have no impact as they lack any chemical components. 
  • They may further have preservatives to sustain the fragrance for long. 
  • Synthetic florals may be harmful to our bodies. 

So next time when you shop your favorite essential oils for therapeutic benefits on your mind and body, make sure they're not adulterated. Lower grades of EOs may smell nice but have no impact while Grade A oils have all that you need and in most cases, 1 drop is more than enough for you to experience change. 

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