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Where You Should & Shouldn't Use Essential Oils

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Fun Facts Fridays are back with FUN-TAS-TIC FACTS 😄 

Hello, beautiful people of the wellness fam. Today we're going to share about Places Where You Should Never Put Essential Oils. 🤷🏻 

We love our Wellness Fam, and we care about you people. So, we wanted to share more about where you shouldn't be using EOs. 

  1. That can impact the properties of the botanical compounds.
  2. If not used properly you might not reap the potential benefit for which you might be using it.  

Therefore, you need to scroll down to clear any misconceptions you have about its usage directions. 👇🏻 

USDA Certified Organic Essential Oils are 100% pure and undiluted, but that doesn't mean that you can put them anywhere. 

Every product comes with a guideline/product label that you should read & follow to be safe and get the best results. 

We've made a FUN-FACT Graphic for you that you can refer to anytime you're on the fence of whether you should be using EOs here or not!!!👇🏻☺💁🏼 

Where You Should & Shouldn't Use Essential Oils

So, there you have it all, have you ever heard or seen any advice that might seem doubtful. 

Happy Oiling to You. 🎊 

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