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All in One Hair Beautifying Serum

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Dear wellness community! 

This time, it's all about hair. We talk about different hair problems, like itchy scalp, low hair growth, hair thinning, baldness, grey hair, dandruff, excessively oily hair, and whatnot. We all go for multiple techniques to do the right trick for our hair and make our hair silky strong with luscious locks. The pain of going extra lengths for healthy strands is another struggle we face now and then, so we tried working on a DIY, that may help just anyone in getting beautiful strong hair like never before. A few simple ingredients and persistence in your application will show the results within a week! 

Individually, we recommend using the following oils for specific hair related concerns: 

  • For dry itchy scalp: Use Lavender Essential Oil 
  • Want frizz-free hair: Use Chamomile Essential Oil 
  • To promote thick hair: With Cedarwood Essential Oil 
  • To boost hair strength: With Lemongrass Essential Oil 
  • To prevent hair loss: With Peppermint Essential Oil 
  • Get rid of nits and lice: With Tea Tree Essential Oil 
  • Do away with excessively oily hair: With Lemon Essential Oil 

NOTE: For Topical application dilute essential oils with carrier oils and always do a patch test to know if your skin is sensitive to any of the oils. 

Try out our recipe above and let us know your feedback in the comments 🙂 

Happy Oiling to You! 💆 

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