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Are Face Masks Giving You Acne? Try Out This Roller Blend

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MASKNE - Getting ACNE due to Masks!  Fancy, no?!💁🏼🤦🏼️ though we haven't created this term but seems like pretty much everyone on the internet is talking about getting it. So, we thought why not share a roll-on blend that you can use during mask breaks that may help protect you from breakouts. 

Covid-19 has changed our lives in a blink. We are doing so many things that we never thought of doing and down the road it feels like, the generation that'll come next maybe 10 years later will be wearing these masks and saying, 'Yeah, it's Vintage!!!' 

Are Face Masks Giving You Acne? Try Out This Roller Blend

But before even this trend gets a #vintage it's certainly doing some wrong to our skin in the present  

And that's exactly what we're covering today 👇🏻 

People are seen complaining about these tiny bumps either on chin, nose, or cheek wherever the mask meets skin. Its nonstop usage is making our skin prone to breakout. Have you gotten these tiny lil bumps lately? appearing on skin covered by a mask specifically? If yes, don't worry! You are not the only one experiencing them. It is one of the side effects of wearing a mask continuously and people call it maskne or mask-acne. 😵 

Well, as we all know masks are used to protect us & others from germs and viruses getting inside our mouth and nose. However, it also keeps the germs and bacteria from our mouth and nose right inside of it. That's what causes our skin to react! 😩 

But there may be other reasons linked to the mask too 👇🏻 

️ Material of the mask 

️ Improper fitting 

️ Reusable masks not being washed regularly 

The longer they're on your face the more your skin absorbs oils, sweat & dirt in. 

Therefore, always make sure to use a disposable mask or wash the reusable one everyday  

Apart from that, you can try this wonderful roll-on blend recipe made from all organic essential and carrier oils. Let’s dive in! 


10 ml Empty Roll on 

10 ml Jojoba Oil 

4 drops of Tea Tree EO 

3 drops of Frankincense EO 

2 drops of Grapefruit EO 

1 drop of Lemongrass EO 


  • Add all the ingredients in the roll on. 
  • Mix it by shaking the bottle properly. 
  • Apply on acne spots after washing face followed by a moisturizer. OR try taking mask breaks, washing your face properly and using the roll-on on it. 

Tips: Follow a skincare routine, avoid makeup, take a mask break whenever possible.  

Happy DIYing! 😊 

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