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Homemade DIY Organic Beard Conditioning Oil

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Knock Knock!  

Where are all the MEN in the house of Wellness? 

Today we'll be talking beard. Yes, we're done with the recipe of DIY beard growth oil but it's different today and in fact today's recipe is to address a concern of our community. 

Not everyone has flawless, shiny, frizz free luxe hair genetically and not everyone can afford high end salon special products regularly at home. 

Last time when we posted about the beard growth oil, we received great feedback. But there were a few men who also wanted their facial hair (beard or mustache they were growing) to not be lifeless but to be more hydrated. 

Which ultimately pushed us for this AH-MAZING recipe for today. All the ingredients are 100% organic made from USDA Certified Organic Essential Oils and Carrier Oils. We bet you'd want to throw away your regular conditioner when you use this oil with dual functionality. 

Homemade DIY Organic Beard Conditioning Oil

It includes USDA Certified Organic 👇 

5 Drops Pine EO 

7 Drops Cedarwood EO 

3 Drops Spearmint EO 

5 Drops Juniper Berry EO 

2 Oz Jojoba Oil (To soothe irritated skin under your beard, by locking in moisture and still leaving it grease proof) 

1 Oz Castor Oil (This is rich in Vitamin E, minerals, proteins, & essential fatty acids that work best to combat dryness or dandruff) 

1 Oz Pumpkin Seed Oil (Is rich in vitamins A and E, zinc & fatty acids that help shield & protect your hair making it an ideal conditioner) 

👉 USAGE: Just add all the essential oils and carrier oils in a 5 Ounces Dark Colored Glass Container.  Shake well so that the oils mix into each other well. Take 4 drops at a time and apply to your beard or even hair and comb it through thoroughly. 

👉 STORAGE: Store in a dark and cool place for a longer shelf life. 

Happy DIYing! 😊 

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