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Apple Bread With Organic Sweet Almond Oil

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Hello beautiful people! 

We thought to make today the Almond Day and share some interesting information about Almonds.  

Almond is one of the most ancient fruits grown. There are so many ways to use almonds, eat them raw, use their oil on hair and skin, in cooking or what not! The only thing you should care about is whether it's all organic or not.  

Apple Bread With Organic Sweet Almond Oil

Some of the amazing benefits of Almonds include 👇🏻 

 Great source of Vitamin E. 

 Helps in maintaining healthy fat levels in the blood. 

 Helps in retaining healthy sugar levels. 

 & can also help boost bone health. 

So, it's ACTUALLY an all-rounder when it comes to benefits.  

Today we're baking yummy Apple Bread, an all-healthy scrumptious delight for everyone. It's filled with apple chunks and the goodness of sweetened almond oil, crunchy almonds…making it a wonderful teatime snack. As the bread bakes, you will sense the wonderful aroma all around your house! 😊 

Happy Baking with the goodness of Almond Oil ️  

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