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Mouthwatering Wild Orange & Mint Dessert

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Want to do something with he plain bland cream in your pantry? We’ve got you! 

Today, we will be preparing Flavorful Chilled Whipped Cream. What shall we do? Mint? Lavender? Wild Orange? What about Mint & Wild Orange? Rare, yet a perfect combination of chef specialty cuisines. Let’s go for this ONE! Read the recipe below: 


  • 1 Cup chilled heavy whipping cream 
  • 2 Tsps sugar 
  • 1 Drop Wild Orange EO 
  • 1 Drop Peppermint EO 
  • Few slices of orange  
  • Peppermint for garnish 

Mouthwatering Wild Orange & Mint Dessert


Whip the cream until it forms stiff peaks. Then add 2 drops of USDA Certified Organic, Safe to Ingest EOs (See product label on usage).  

Don't get flavor crazy - 1 drop each is MORE THAN ENOUGH!  

Layer the delicacy with orange slices. Garnish with Peppermint leaves.  

Tada! Your flavored whipped cream is ready 😊  

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