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Art & Aromatherapy

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Leonardo Da Vinci The Great Italian artist used Aromatherapy while painting. This surely justifies how creative one can be with aromatic essential oils diffused in your painting arena. Many painters even added Essential Oils to their paints. Well, that's a topic for another day, and today it'll be about diffusing. 

We'll be talking about TOP 5 ESSENTIAL OILS, that make a great aromatherapy toolkit for artists and writers. 

Art & Aromatherapy

1) Cedarwood Essential Oil 

  • Soothing & Centering. 
  • Boosts Self Confidence. 
  • Helps One Feel Self-Aware. 
  • Calms Entire Nervous System. 
  • Has Woodsy & Earthy Aroma That Balances Emotions and is Grounding.
  • Helps You Sleep Peacefully. 

 2) Frankincense Essential Oil 

  • Helps You Feel Grounded & Safe. 
  • Switches off Fear & Turns on Meditative Mood. 
  • Shuts Monkey Mind & Promotes Creativity. 

 3) Rosemary Essential Oil 

  • It's a Complete Powerhouse for Boosting Positive Emotions. 
  • Sharpens Mental Clarity. 
  • Improves Focus. 
  • Boosts Self Esteem with its Uplifting Aroma. 

4) Bergamot Essential Oil 

  • Helps in Reducing Stress, Anxiety, & Apathy. 
  • Induces Inspiration. 
  • Helps in Feeling Energetic & Euphoric. 
  • Helps In Focusing. 
  • Fruity Aroma Helps Promote Positivity. 

5 Lavender Essential Oil 

  • Invigorates The Mind. 
  • Promotes Concentration. 
  • Enhances Mood & Induces Relaxation. 
  • Improves Mental Clarity. 
  • Eliminates Mental Fog. 

So next time when you're ready to give your artboard some strokes, try diffusing Essential Oils and see how the painting or creative piece turns out for you! 

Let us know what boosts your mood when you have an artistic soul taking over your body. 

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