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Essential Oils & Creativity

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The rhythm the week flows with is so inspiring. Every day we help the members of the wellness community learn something new. It also helps us cater to everyone be it a mother-to-be or someone working at the office. From managing stress to coping with cramps essential oils are certainly a go-to organic choice for all of us to count on.  

Today we're calling all artists! Next week we will be exploring this topic in detail. Did we reveal the topic yet? 

Ooops, we didn't! So here it is…'How essential oils can help our creative juices flow when we have our magic wands (paintbrushes or coloring tools) in hand'  

As an artist, it's important to loosen up our minds to boost imagination when we create an art piece. WHY? Because it helps us develop something out of the box, that people can delve into and feel. The deeper the stroke of the brush the deepest impact it may produce. Even in color psychology, every shade of every color represents an emotion. Light shades of red may induce feelings of being energetic and powerful while the darkest shade may represent anger and wrath! 

Essential Oils & Creativity

It all depends on what you're feeling in the moment, what emotions are you holding on to, that transition from your fingers to your artboard. It is a form of self-expression. So, whenever you feel you need a dose of self-care and to want to express yourself inside out, grab a glass of your favorite BEV, put on your coziest slippers, turn on Netflix, and get some art pieces done!  

It's like a therapy, and when this is bundled with aromatherapy it stimulates stronger emotions because of the direct impact these potent compounds have on your creativity!  Even Leonardo Da Vinci, The Great Italian Painter used aromatherapy to help him paint better! 

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