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Benefits Of Optimal Testosterone

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Manly Monday guys! 

To all those men out there or women looking for an organic alternative for their men or any men in their lives be it their fathers, brothers, grandfathers, sons, or grandsons, we talk about how men can incorporate essential oils into their routine to live an organic life! Also, we want to break this stigma that essential oils are “Women Only Products “cause they’re not! 

We have an analogy to share today. As people attribute EO usage to women only, they also talk about hormonal issues pertaining to women ONLY! Not bad at all, but it isn’t good either. Men have hormonal imbalances too and if they don’t work to achieve hormonal balance which is responsible for healthy functioning of a human body then their health might be at risk. 

Benefits Of Optimal Testosterone

Today we’ll be talking about strong testosterone levels and how essential oils can help you in balancing them to live a healthy & content life. Testosterone levels may get disturbed due to a variety of reasons, some of which may include environmental factors and lifestyle choices like eating habits, excessive smoking, drugs, nutritional deficiency, workplace stress, relationship stress, reproduction related stress and what not. In any of the cases, the body does not work in a natural GOD GIFTED way, and thus lowers or triggers the hormones. To know if your hormone levels are at risk, check for symptoms like: 

  • Sleep deprivation 
  • Stress 
  • Mood swings 
  • Erectile Dysfunction 
  • Excessive Fatigue 
  • Shrunk Libido 
  • Appetite issues 

We have listed the top 6 essential oils that are helpful in balancing testosterone levels. You can give any 1 or a combination of 2 a try in your diffuser to help you with your hormonal imbalance. 

NOTE: There are several ointments available in the market, which may help in the short term but have long term side effects and the only way to success is a balanced stress free, toxins free organic lifestyle. In case you're constantly facing such instances, it's better to refer to your doctor. 

 P.S. Organic in essential oils means USDA Certified Organic Only. 

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