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Roman Chamomile & German Chamomile | What's The Difference

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Today we're sharing some differences between two well-known, most used Essential Oils: Roman Chamomile & German Chamomile. 

What comes to your mind when you think of Chamomile? Relaxation, comfort & its ability to soothe the brain and mind. But what is less known are the differences between the two main types. Though we don't have these on our range yet, they're the most used EOs in blends, diffusers, and whatnot! Today we'll unlock the wonderful differences between the two, so when you purchase any of them next time, you know what it is best for! Keep on reading to find out.  

Roman Chamomile & German Chamomile | What's The Difference

The two most wanted species of Chamomile are German and Roman. They belong to the same Asteraceae family, but because they have different botanical compositions, their uses vary from each other widely  

Basic Difference 

 Roman Chamomile is also known as Chamaemelum Nobile, while German Chamomile is known as Matricaria Recutita. 

 Roman Chamomile has a relatively light aroma with sweeter top notes, whereas German Chamomile has a rich and warm aroma, with sweet earthy notes. 

Usage Difference 

 German Chamomile helps in stimulating the liver, kidneys, and gallbladder to improve digestion, removing toxins from your body. Also, helps calm the mind & body during menopause or menstruation. 

 Roman Chamomile provides peaceful sleep, relief from sore muscles, headaches, and migraines. Also, helpful for calming irritation and mood swings. 

So here are the few differences between Roman and German Chamomile. 

Now as you know about these wonderful EOs, the choice is yours, which one would you like to pick next time you go shopping! 

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