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Organic Argan Oil

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Argan oil is a vitamin E- and fatty acid-loaded oil derived from trees native to Morocco, and it possesses a myriad of benefits for hair and skin. For hundreds of years the natives of woodlands in Morocco pressed the argan nut to squeeze out the precious oil that they would use to nourish skin and hair. Argan trees are relatively slow growing and the argan forest is so revered that it was declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO.

Zongle Therapeutic Argan Oil is extracted through cold pressing the kernels of the argan tree. Argan oil is produced from the nut of the Argan tree, which only grows in Southwestern Morocco. The cold pressing method preserves the integrity of the oil's fatty acids and vitamins.

Oil Profile

A good argan oil has a nice amber hue, applies smoothly and absorbs easily. The key components of argan oil are linoleic acid and oleic acid, both of these independently constitute 30-40% of the oil’s composition. The linoleic oil is known to soothe and moisturize skin, whereas the oleic acid ensures smooth application and permeability on the skin without clogging pores.

 This ability makes argan oil the preferred choice of carrier oil for acne prone skin. Since argan oil is relatively light, it can be used on most skin types and across the board when it comes to hair textures.

Benefits and Uses

  1. Night Time Moisturizer.

After a busy day, your skin deserves some pampering at night! So after cleansing at night, massage a few drops of pure argan oil directly onto your face and neck. Since it is considered a dry oil, it absorbs quickly and is non-greasy. So use it as a night moisturizer and to lock in the benefits. It can also be applied as a serum, just apply your night cream after the oil absorbs into the skin.

  1. All-Natural Skin Care

It’s a bottle full of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins (especially Vitamin A and Vitamin E) and minerals. Together they promote your overall health by moisturizing, softening as well as protecting your face and hair from sun damage. And unlike artificial beauty products, argan is free of harmful toxins and Parabens

  1. Skin Toner.

Add a few drops of argan oil to your favorite facial toner to hydrate and tone simultaneously. Alternatively, you can make your own natural toner by adding a few drops of argan oil to Rose or Orange Blossom water.

  1. For Glowing Skin

Add a drop or two of argan oil to your foundation, bronzer or tinted moisturizer for a dewy, luminous glow. While it can be applied directly to your skin, it may be best to start with a very small amount to ensure that you won’t have any adverse reactions.

  1. Prevents Hair damage Caused by Heat

The vitamin E and fatty acids in argan oil actually protect the hair and scalp from heat damage caused by styling tools. To protect your hair while blow drying, straightening, or curling, applying a couple of drops of plain argan oil to wet or dry hair before and after styling is recommended.

  1. Prevents Acne

For persons with acne prone skin, applying oils of any sort seems counterintuitive. Because acne is often the result of excessive oily skin. Whereas, many oils and moisturizers can exacerbate acne, argan oil actually soothes skin and promotes healing. Since argan oil is non-greasy, it helps to balance skin by providing natural moisture it needs without clogging the pores. Argan oil also contains antioxidants which help to heal damaged skin cells. Whether argan oil is effective in treating your acne likely depends on its cause. If you struggle with dry skin or general irritation, argan oil may provide a solution. However, if your acne is caused by hormones, it is best to consult a skin specialist.

  1. Protection Against Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are a big concern for many pregnant women, but argan oil is the ideal protection against stretch marks, sagging or puckered skin after birth. Argan oil increases the elasticity of skin due to its vitamin E content. Apply directly onto skin where stretchmarks are likely to appear.  

  1. Soothes Razor Bumps and Burn.

Razor bumps and razor burn are uncomfortable and unattractive. Argan oil is an effective treatment to soothe the skin after shaving for facial hair as well as legs. Its properties include reducing inflammation, soothing pain and increasing healing rate for mild cuts or burns caused by razors. Warm a drop or two of the oil in your hands and lightly massage into the affected area.

  1. Promotes Hair Growth

Because of the phenols found in argan oil, which are very stimulating to the scalp, it can help to promote new hair growth. You can apply argan oil directly to damp or dry hair to improve moisture, reduce breakage, or reduce frizz.

Final Thoughts

The best thing about argan oil is that is can be safely used in its pure form and doesn’t need to be bought as an ingredient in lotions, conditioners and moisturizers. So this oil is a must-have in your beauty and skincare regime.

One bottle of argan oil is extremely versatile and can be used for all the above mentioned benefits. This miracle oil will change the way you live your life.

However, to obtain its maximal effectiveness it is best to be pure, as any other added ingredients may make it less effective, the Zongle Therapeutic Argan Oil is organic Carrier oils that is Pure Therapeutic Grade. This premium quality Organic Argan Oil, originates from Morocco and is tested and Bottled in USA.

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