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Organic Fennel Essential Oil

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Fennel essential oil is best known as a powerful ingredient for good digestive health. Like its root plant, it has a licorice-like flavor and aroma. Organic Fennel, a 100% pure, therapeutic grade, Essential Oil Supplement by Zongle Therapeutics is developed from crushing the seeds of the fennel plant and going through a process of steam distillation. Fennel is an evergreen perennial native to the Mediterranean. This fennel plant produces flowers, fragrant leaves, and the fennel seeds. It is from these seeds that the essential oil is extracted. Due to the potent aroma and distinct flavor of fennel, it has been used for years in the culinary world to add savor and spice to a variety of dishes.

Oil Profile

Fennel essential oil is made up of monoterpenes and chemical components known for their energizing and uplifting aromatic properties. The chemical makeup of this oil contributes to the sweet, licorice aroma of Fennel. Fennel is also comprised of chemical components called ketones, which contribute to the calming properties of Fennel oil, as well as the oil’s ability to promote healthy respiratory function and healthy digestion, when taken internally. All of these biochemical agents are bioavailable, meaning they can be rapidly absorbed into the body and making for the quick availability of their benefits.

Benefits and Uses

As mentioned above, the monoterpenes and ketones in fennel oil are among some of the most potent. This allows for health benefits like aiding digestion, removing toxic buildup in the blood, relaxing muscles, and calming and soothing properties. Some of fennel essential oil benefits include:

  1. Promotes Healthy Metabolism

As a carminative, fennel oil makes gases escape from intestines and can give a person immense relief from problems such as indigestion, restlessness and discomfort in the abdomen. If you are feeling sluggish or bloated, take Fennel oil internally, as it may help to promote healthy metabolism, liver function, and circulation.

  1. Soothes Spasms in the Gut

Spasms of the gut can be extremely painful, causing coughing, hiccups, cramps in the intestinal area and convulsions. Fennel essential oil may have a relaxing effect on your body, including the muscles in the intestinal region. This relaxation of the gut gives you quick relief from muscle spasms in the gut.

  1. Speeds Up Healing of the Wounds

Fennel Essential oil contains a number of biochemical compounds that are beneficial when fennel oil is applied topically to a wound, cleaning and protecting it from free radicals.

  1. Supports Healthy Weight

Fennel has a long history of use as for supporting healthy weight. Fennel seed essential oil may help with weight loss because it can boost your metabolism while suppressing your appetite. Add one drop fennel essential oil and one drop organic wild orange to eight ounces of water for a great way to hydrate and possibly stave off hunger.

  1. Supports a Healthy Stomach

Being a stomachic simply means being a protector of the stomach. Fennel oil helps keep the stomach healthy and functioning properly and maintains the normal function of all the secretions of digestive acids and bile. You can also combine Fennel oil with Fractionated Coconut oil for a soothing abdominal massage after a big meal, or on the day of a stressful event.

  1. Alleviate Stress

Use of fennel essential oil by inhaling it through a diffuser can be used for managing occasional feelings of stress or reducing anxiety. The oil can also be used for relaxing after a long day and is known to improve mental clarity and focus. To promote feelings of courage and confidence, put one to two drops of Fennel essential oil in your palm and inhale.

  1. Calming and Soothing

Fennel oil can be calming and soothing to many areas of the body, including the skin. For a calming, soothing topical effect, directly apply Fennel oil to the skin. It is recommended in order to avoid skin sensitivity, dilute the Fennel oil with Fractionated Coconut Oil, prior to topical application.

  1. May Help Curtail Sweet Cravings

The naturally sweet flavor of Fennel essential oil can be useful when trying to avoid processed sugar and sweets. The chemical makeup of Fennel includes Trans anethole, a monoterpene that is 13 times sweeter than table sugar. To utilize these benefits of Fennel oil, take a drop of Fennel in water or green juice to help fight sweet tooth cravings. You may also put a drop of Fennel under your tongue to help fight sweet tooth cravings.

  1. Add Flavor to Salads and Dips

Fennel goes great with dips and salads when you want to add a sharp, flavorful element to your dish. Add a toothpick's amount to white bean dips and cucumber salads for digestive benefits and a savory flavor. Remember, when using essential oils for cooking, start small. Even a toothpick’s amount can add a lot of flavor to your dish.

Take Away

A perennial, the fennel plant has yellow flowers and is found throughout the world, though it’s native to the Mediterranean. Fennel essential oil is made up of monoterpenes and chemical components known for their energizing and uplifting aromatic properties. The chemical makeup of this oil contributes to the sweet, licorice aroma of Fennel. Whether you use fennel to aid in weight management, boosting the digestive system, or improving mental clarity and energy, this powerful oil can provide daily benefits.

Ready to buy a bottle of Fennel Seed Oil? The best choice for essential oils depends on its purity, quality, and aroma. So when you’re buying Zongle Therapeutics’ Organic Fennel Seed Essential Oil, be assured that the oil is 100% pure and potent.

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