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Organic Babassu Oil

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What is more beneficial than using a multipurpose carrier oil which can provide you everything that you require, from cooking to taking care of your skin and hair? Babassu oil is what you need. Most of you might be unaware of this oil as compared to the other oils but it has gained popularity recently due to its myriad benefits.

Native to the northeastern part of Brazil, Babassu is a palm tree. Babassu tree is said to be the Tree of life by a lot of people as the tree is helpful in providing so much to survive. This plant is highly valuable for commercial use as it produces an edible oil known as Babassu oil. The fruit of Babassu plant is utilized in medicines, refreshments and in beauty products. In some regions, the fruit is also used to make flour and the leaves are used to make thatch for houses. Also, it can be used to make house dividers and the stems can be used for timbers. In some of the places, people harvest the Babassu nuts in large numbers because these nuts are the only source of income for them. Thus, it is a plant which can be utilized for different purposes.

Babassu oil, botanically known as Orbignya oleifera, is extracted from the kernels of the Babassu palm using cold-pressing method. It has also earned the names babassu wax, babassu butter and cusi oil. The color of the oil is light yellow but when it is solid, it has a creamy white color. The oil is similar to coconut oil. Not only this, the nut of this tree also resembles a coconut. However, some of the attributes are different than coconut oil such as, babassu oil is lighter in weight and absorbs faster. The vegetable oil that it provides is pale yellow in color and is available everywhere. Along with culinary use, it is also used in skincare products, hair treatment, masks, shampoos, etc. Moreover, it supports healthy cholesterol levels, reduces inflammation, moisturizes the skin, eliminates body odor, improves nails and cuticles health, slows down the aging process and speeds up healing. The oil contains a number of fatty acids including lauric acid, myristic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, oleic acid, and linoleic acid. The benefits this oil provides make it more popular.

Top 9 Uses of Babassu Oil:

1) For Your Hair

Have you ever seen an oil which is lightweight as well as very beneficial for your hair? Every girl dreams of having thick, healthy and shiny hair and having such a hectic routine, it is almost impossible for you to take care of your health and wellbeing. However, if you want to make your hair thick and heathy you need something which is non-greasy and works on your hair even if you apply it for 2 3 hours. Babassu oil is the best oil for this purpose. Since it is lightweight it doesn’t require additional rinsing. Also, it acts as a deep conditioner leaving you with soft and shiny hair which makes your overall look flawless. Apply a few drops of this amazing oil on your hair for a couple of weeks and see the difference.

2) For Your Scalp

Strong scalp leads to strong hair. Babassu oil is the best choice to nourish your scalp. It not only makes your hair healthy, but it also makes your scalp smooth and nourished. Massage a few drops onto your scalp as it absorbs very quickly and get rid of dry, itchy scalp. Moreover, the emollient qualities of babassu oil help lock in moisture, preventing dandruff and hair loss. So, apply small amounts to your scalp or mix it with your shampoo or conditioner to get better results.

3) For Your Skin

Babassu oil gained popularity due to its benefits as a skin emollient. In order to have a healthy and glowing skin you should moisturize it regularly. Since it is lightweight and melts upon contact with your skin, it can be applied as a natural moisturizer. Moreover, people who have acne prone skin or oily skin can also avail the benefits of this oil as it does not clog pores. Not only this, vitamin E present in Babassu oil helps to rejuvenate your skin and prevent dehydration. It can also sooth irritation caused by eczema or any other skin irritation as the lauric acid present in Babassu oil gives a cooling sensation when applied. In addition to the above benefits, the oil works the best to destroy free radicals which can lead to premature aging. Therefore, instead of using products which are harmful for our skin, hair and overall health, we should opt for something natural like Babassu oil.

4) For Reducing Inflammation

Tired of rashes, redness and irritation caused by different problems? Don’t worry! Babassu oil is the best source to get free of such problems. The main compound present in Babassu oil is lauric acid, making up approximately 50% of the fats in this oil. This compound is well known to reduce inflammation and can sooth irritation, burns, bug bites, scrapes, wounds and redness. It also helps in speeding up the healing process of the wounds. If you want to get rid of such problems quickly then apply few drops of babassu oil on the affected area and massage thoroughly.

5) For Your Nails and Cuticles

Most of the people focus only on their skin, hair and their dressing. Along with these things, it is important to have well-manicured nails in order to have a neat, pulled-together appearance. It adds up to your overall look and makes you presentable. Babassu oil works the best for the health of your nails and cuticles. Vitamin E present in this oil serves as a primary nutrient to get beautiful and soft cuticles and strong nails. Hence, make it a part of your skin care regimen and enjoy its benefits.

6) Fights Free Radicals

As we all know that Babassu oil has been used in cooking for ages, have you ever wondered why people tend to incorporate it in their diet? Well, it has a lot more to offer for internal use. Since it has antioxidizing properties it works the best to fight free radicals preventing premature aging. Having wrinkles and fine lines on your skin is a nightmare for you because it makes your skin look dull and dry. Putting tons of makeup daily to look presentable is not an option as it will create a worse situation for you. So, if you want a beautiful, glowing and flawless skin, you need to opt for natural products. Natural products do take time to work their magic, but they are worth the wait. Also, along with a healthy diet, this oil can contribute to better health. Thus, include this amazing oil in your diet and make yourself fit and healthy!

7) Anti-inflammatory

Tired of wounds and scars? Want to get rid of them? Don’t worry! We have something natural and perfect for you to get rid of such problems. Babassu oil, one of the well-known carrier oils, is known for its antioxidant properties. It works the best to get free of scars, wounds and scrapes which cause inflammation and pain. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a bottle of Babassu oil and make yourself free of such problems. The antioxidants present in it help fight inflammation efficiently.

8) Removes dandruff

Dandruff is the worst problem a person can face especially in winters. Often, dandruff if a result of stress, anxious feelings, dry air, climatic changes, etc. However, there is always a way for every problem. If you’re worried about having dandruff or getting embarrassed in a public place don’t worry! Babassu oil is there to solve all your problems. The emollient properties of Babassu oil does wonders to your scalp and make it dandruff free. Mix a few drops of this carrier oil with an essential oil such as Eucalyptus and get rid of the inflammation and itchiness caused by dandruff. Thus, grab a bottle of this amazing oil and solve all your problems.

9) For Baby-Soft lips

Every girl dreams to have each part of herself perfect. Babassu oil is known for its emollient properties which is the reason why it gives you baby soft lips. Instead of buying conventional products which have chemicals in it, buy something natural and free of risk. Mix Babassu oil with shea butter and apply it to your lips to add up to your beauty. Thus, put your hands on this small yet amazing bottle of natural product and live happily.

Final Thought:

Since other oils have gained more popularity, babassu oil is under-appreciated. But if you want to use oil for your health then look for babassu oil as it has myriad of benefits. You can use it in cooking, creams, shampoos, lotions and a lot of other things. If you find coconut oil very oily and clingy then go for babassu which has a lot more to offer. Verily, it is a gift from nature.

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