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Organic Cassia Essential Oil

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Essential oils are worth using when it comes to your skincare and healthcare. Not only this, if you want to have a pleasant feeling and want to feel relaxed, you can diffuse some of the essential oils and enjoy their aroma. Let’s have a look at Cassia and its essential oil which dates to biblical times.

Cassia, also known as Chinese cinnamon (or Cassia bark), belongs to the family Lauraceae. It is an evergreen tree native to China and Burma. Botanically known as Cinnamomum cassia, it is a close relative to true cinnamon, also known as Ceylon cinnamon. The difference between Cassia and Cinnamon is that they are from two different plants. Cassia is from ‘Cinnamomum cassia’ whereas Cinnamon is from ‘Cinnamomum zeylanicum’. Cassia is one of the 50 fundamental herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine. This plant is known for its strong, spicy aroma and has a sweeter taste than that of cinnamon. It is useful in many ways from aromatic and topical use to culinary use.

The oil is obtained from the barks, leaves and twigs of Cassia plant by steam distillation method. It holds great importance in Bible as it was included in a recipe of Holy anointing oil gifted to Moses. Moreover, it was also recorded in The Ebers Papyrus which is an old book of recipes. Not only this, due to its properties and myriad benefits, cassia oil is considered to be very important in Ayurveda and is used extensively in folk medicine. Are you suffering from constipation? Use Cassia oil as it is a natural remedy to deal with such problems. Besides this, if you want to get rid of menstrual discomfort use cassia essential oil, you won’t regret your decision. Additionally, it is also helpful in maintaining a healthy immune system, a healthy metabolic function, healthy digestion, cleaning, cooking, etc. Keep reading to know more about this incredible oil!



Your only goal should be to stay healthy and fit. With the right choice, you can achieve your goal. So, let’s dive into this article to know the benefits Cassia oil has to offer.


Top 5 Benefits of Cassia Essential Oil:

1. Healthy Immune System

Have to go to work but not feeling well? You need to take care of your immune system when you’re more likely to catch any contagious illness that is going around. However, the immune system is complex and is a natural system to protect you against these illnesses. Maintaining a healthy immune system is a key to living a healthy life. So why not opt for something which boosts your immune system? Cassia oil does wonders when it comes to dealing with such situation. It has a warming effect on the body which helps in eliminating unpleasant feeling, inflammation or mild muscle ache and helps in mental alertness. Thus, if you’re suffering from such problems, make cassia oil your friend and follow a healthy lifestyle.


2. Supports Healthy Circulation

Blood circulation is a crucial part of your life as it provides you with proper amount of nutrients and oxygen in order to survive. Cassia oil, one of the most powerful oils, plays an important role in the circulation of blood throughout your body. It supports healthy circulation which reduces minor muscle pain and inflammation. Better circulation also prevents diseases and promotes better health so include this amazing oil in your diet and improve blood circulation within your body.


3. Reduces Sad and Anxious Feelings

It’s normal to feel sad and anxious sometimes, use cassia oil as it works the best to reduce such feelings. Not only this, it helps to calm emotions and sooth away tension leaving you with a relaxed and stress-free mind. The strong and spicy aroma, when diffused, creates a pleasant environment hence making your body feel warm and tranquil. The oil contains a compound called cinnamic aldehyde which, according to the studies conducted, is helpful in eliminating stress. A healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body, therefore, use Cassia oil to avoid unhealthy thoughts and live in peace.


4. Supports Cartilage and Joint Function

Cassia oil is one of the best essential oils which supports cartilage and joint function. This powerful oil is known for reducing occasional pain. Since it supports healthy circulation it makes your joints warm and pain-free. Moreover, a study published in the Journal of Advanced Pharmaceutical Technology and Research shows that one of the components of cassia oil i.e. cinnamaldehyde prevents inflammation which makes you feel uncomfortable. So, massage a small amount of cassia oil onto the affected area and get rid of such problems.


5. May Relieve Menstrual Symptoms

You don’t like to go through all the premenstrual symptoms again and again yet every month you face them a week before your cycle. Cramps, mood swings, headaches, bloating, fatigue, muscle ache etc. are all the problems you want to get rid of. Is there anything by chance which can help relieve these symptoms? Yes! Cassia essential oil is there to help you in this regard. It contains many properties which help address these common yet painful problems. Its warming effect leaves you with a relaxed mind and body and is a perfect way to reduce those unwelcome menstrual symptoms. Try massaging cassia oil into your abdomen or inhale the oil to feel calm and comfortable.


Final Thought:

Cassia oil is one of the oldest oils being used for different purposes. It has a lot of remarkable benefits which are not only important for the health of your body but also your mind. If you’re concerned about your health and want to avoid any conventional product which is heavy on the pocket, try using natural products and remedies for the same purpose. Zongle Therapeutics Cassia Oil is a must-have on your shelf. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a bottle of this amazing oil and fulfill all your desires!

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