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Organic Castor Oil

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Ever thought of using something with all the benefits one desires for? Castor carrier oil is a must-have on your shelf. Ricinus communis, commonly known as Castor oil plant, is a species of perennial flowering plant in the spurge family. It is a Mediterranean local as well as the tropical regions of Africa and India. Castor oil is extracted by either cold or expeller pressing of the beans of the Castor plant. It is a natural oil with a nutty aroma and pale yellowish to dark brown color. It was once considered to be an unwanted plant but now, due to the benefits of the oil it produces, it has become very popular. These benefits of Castor oil were made famous by the ‘Father of Holistic Medicine’, Edgar Casey. Since the shape of the plant’s leaves resemble the palm of the Christ, it earned the name of ‘Palma Christi’ or ‘Hand of Christ’. It is also believed that it was named ‘Palma Christi’ because it has the strength of being used as a remedy for different kinds of problems. Castor oil contains a very important compound called ricinoleic which is rare to find. It is said to be a unique oil because of this compound. According to a report published in the International Journal of Toxicology, Castor oil is used in 700 cosmetic products because it has some skin-conditioning agents.

In Ancient Egypt, Castor oil was used in wicks to light lamps. Due to its health and cosmetic benefits, it is being used since 4000BC. Medicinally, it is applied as a paste to reduce skin inflammation and provide relief from head and neck tension. In the ancient days, it was used to support wellness of the eye, and boost the appearance of hair health. In addition to these benefits, it is used to sooth irritation caused by some skin problems and relieve minor pain associated with any non-disease states such as muscle pain. Cosmetically, it is used in brows, conditioner, serum, gel, mascara, lip balm, lotion, makeup remover, shampoo, spray, wipes, etc. It is also used in the production of soaps, perfumes, etc. Since it has emollient attributes, it is also used in massage oils to get relaxed after a hectic day.

Top 5 Benefits Of Castor Oil:

1. Hair Care

Castor oil has a large impact on haircare. Many people around the world prefer Castor oil if they want thick, shiny, and strong hair. The reason for Castor oil being one of the favorite oils of every girl is that it stimulates circulation and boosts hair growth by preventing hair loss. Due to its emollient properties, it makes your hair softer and smoother. You can use it as a hair mask by massaging few drops of oil into the scalp and leaving the oil on overnight before washing the scalp. You will see a visible difference in your hair. Increasing the usage of Castor oil will make your life easier as you won’t have to go for different haircare treatments. Along with these benefits, it also helps in reducing premature greying of hair. Also, it is used to improve the thickness and softness of beards, eyelashes, and eyebrows which gives you a fuller, healthier, and youthful appearance.

2. Skin Care

Having a youthful skin is every girl’s goal but achieving this goal is often very difficult. You need to stay away from the products full of chemical and rather opt for natural products. Castor oil is one of the natural products that will help you big time in achieving your skin goals. It is used to protect your skin against burns and wounds. It is also very beneficial in treating mild acne, pigmentation, sunburn, and preventing blemishes. It is used as a skin-moisturizer which softens and hydrates your skin. There are a few ways of using Castor oil. To reduce mild acne, put a few drops of Castor oil on a clean cotton and dab the affected area with it. If you are experiencing irritation or inflammation, wash your face thoroughly with warm water which will help open your pores. Then apply castor oil on your skin and leave it overnight.

3. Supports Joint Function

A 2015 study titled, ‘Effectiveness of Castor oil massage with a hot application on knee joint pain among women’ shows that castor oil supports cartilage and supports joint function. When it is used in a massage, it penetrates easily into the skin giving relief from minor pain. Therefore, massage Castor oil on the skin followed by a hot water pack.

4. Reduces Occasional Toenail Or Fingernail Fungus 

We often focus on our clothing and demeanor and ignore our toenails and fingernails. People think that dressing up nicely is all you need but in actual, your hands and feet get judged just as much as your overall look. Ignoring their hygiene can lead to fingernail and toenail fungus. But don’t worry! All you need to do is get a bottle of Castor oil as it works well to reduce nail fungus. Mix a small amount of it with a pinch of baking soda and apply it to the affected area to get rid of the fungus.

5. May Reduce Wrinkles

With age comes wrinkles. Women of all ages want to have a radiant, younger-looking skin. If you take good care of your skin and ignore all over-the-counter products full of chemicals, you can be successful in achieving your goal. Castor oil is said to be a natural remedy to reduce wrinkles. When applied on the skin, it penetrates the skin and supports the production of collagen which leaves your skin glowing, soft, and hydrated. So, take a chance on this amazing oil and get repaid with a brighter, smoother and younger-looking skin.

Final Thought:

An oil which comes with so many benefits and can be used topically should not be missed by any chance. Taking care of your health and wellbeing is what should be important to you. Rather than opting for products full of chemicals, opt for carrier oils that are rich in natural healing properties. Don’t miss a chance to enjoy the amazing benefits provided by the mother nature.

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