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Organic Hemp Seed Oil

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Most of the people are unaware of the benefits that carrier oils offer. Our minds are captured by the marketers which is why we intend to buy conventional products which contain tons of harmful chemicals and can be risky for our health. However, natural products may take long, but they provide the same benefits as conventional products.

Carrier oils work the best in providing complimentary physical and emotional health and wellbeing. They are mostly used in aromatherapy along with essential oils to help with a wide range of health problems. One of the carrier oils that caught our attention is Hemp Seed Oil. It is an under-utilized carrier oil because a lot of people are not aware of the amazing health benefits it provides. Keep reading to know about the wonders of Hemp seeds and the oil they produce!

Hemp seeds, also known as hemps hearts, are the seeds of hemp plant. Botanically known as Cannabis sativa, they are nuts but are usually referred to as seeds or hearts. Hemp plant is specifically grown for the industrial uses of the products made from them. Each part of the plant holds great importance as they offer different compounds and the seeds are no different.

People usually get confused about the nutrition of hemp seed because they believe that they contain cannabinoids, like CBD. However, hemp seeds are produced commercially, and they do not contain cannabinoids thus, they don’t cause any psychotropic reactions.

The amino acids and fatty acids present in the seeds provide with amazing health benefits. You can find the cannabinoids in the flowers and leaves of the plant but not the seeds. The many parts of hemp include hemp seeds, hempseed oil, hemp extracts, CBD oils, etc. which creates confusion among people. Let us clear the confusion. Hemp is extensively utilized for industrial purposes as it contains durable natural fibers and because of its nutritional content. Hemp seed oil does not contain cannabinoids and is used for physical and emotional health and wellbeing. Now comes the hemp hearts which are also used for dealing with health problems.

Hemp Seed Oil is an oil valued mainly because of the health benefits it offers. Hemp oil serves as a natural source of important nutrients, including polyunsaturated fatty acids such as omega-6s and omega-3s, terpenes and proteins. It has a long history as it is being cultivated since more than 10,000 years and is believed to be the first major agricultural crop. Slowly, the cultivation of this oil has spread across the world.

In China, the plant was cultivated in 6,000 BCE and was used as food as well as in building materials. Chinese pharmacologists discovered the medicinal benefits of hemp seed oil in around 2,700 BCE. From there, the oil became useful for a lot of people and its usage spread to other parts of the world.

The Zongle Therapeutics Hemp Seed Oil is a rich source of GLA (Gamma-Linolenic acid), a kind of omega-6 that promotes healthy joint support. Organic Hemp Seed Oil offers a plenty of internal benefits including digestive and cardiovascular health. In personal care, the oil helps keep skin looking healthy, and enhances hair and nail growth. Hemp seed oil is harvested by cold pressing the hemp seeds into an unrefined oil that is commonly light or dark green in appearance. This oil can be used in a variety of ways and may work to improve overall health.

Technically a nut, hemp seeds are very nutritious Commonly known as hemp hearts due to their shape. Hemp seeds do not have a very strong but a nut-like mild taste. To gain the benefits that hemp seeds offer, some people choose to eat them as nuts, while others include it in their diet it in the form of seed oil.

Chemical properties of hemp seed oil can be very astonishing as it offers tons of health benefits. The omega-6, omega-3 fatty acids and phytosterols present in hemp seed oil make it beneficial for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels and a healthy heart. Gamma linoleic acid present in hemp seed oil makes it a powerful antioxidant. Moreover, vitamin D present in this wonderful oil can be very beneficial as a lot of people do not get enough vitamin D when they are exposed to sun, especially in the winter.

Furthermore, hemp seed oil promotes healthy joint support, promotes digestive health, supports a healthy cardiovascular system, helps keep skin looking healthy, helps enhance hair and nails and soothes skin irritations. Along with these benefits it has much more to offer. Dive into this article to learn more about the benefits of hemp seed oil.


Hemp seed oil can be found in many different delivery forms. The Hemp seed oil can be taken internally or sublingually; and can be applied topically onto the skin. Topically hemp oil can be applied directly to the areas of pain or inflammation, though it can also be absorbed into the systemic circulation. 

Uses and Benefits

Top 7 benefits of Hemp Seed Oil

  1. For Healthy Looking Skin

Who does not want a healthy-looking skin? Skin is the prominent part of our overall body and plays a major role in building our confidence. However, having a flawless skin requires determination and consistency in using a specific product. But, do you want to risk your overall health by using a product full of chemicals? I bet no one wants that. So, if you’re looking for something to improve your skin, hempseed oil may just be the right product for you.

It is a natural product which contributes in providing you with a flawless skin. Hempseed oil is commonly used on skin because it works as a natural moisturizer and nourishes the skin. You’ll see it as an ingredient in many cosmetic products, lotions and soaps. Thus, get a bottle for yourself today and see the difference.

  1. Rich Source of GLA

Hemp seeds are a rich source of Gamma-Linolenic acid (GLA) which is a necessary building block for the body. It not only facilitates smooth muscles but, it helps control inflammation and regulate body temperature. So, if you’re looking for something which makes you free of all these problems, get a bottle of hemp seed oil.

  1. Soothing Joint Pain

Joint pain has become very common in people today. Not just old people but, this problem has become more common among teenagers as well. However, there is always a way out for every problem. Hemp seeds and hemp seed oil may be helpful in relieving joint pain. They are a natural way of getting free of such problems. Thus, to support joint health, consume one tablespoon of hemp seed oil daily along with a quality fish oil. You will never regret your decision once you start using hemp seed oil consistently.

  1. For Hair Health

Thick, healthy, strong, long, shiny and beautiful hair is what every girl desires for. Along with a perfect skin, having healthy hair is also important as it adds up to your appearance. This dream of every girl can be fulfilled with the help of hemp seed oil. The fatty acids in hempseed can help to moisturize your hair and scalp, adding to your body’s own natural oils.

Because of our busy schedule, we are not able to keep the oil on for the whole night in order to get rid of dry and frizzy hair. But, for bringing back life to dry and brittle hair, you can start using Hemp oil along with your conditioner or directly once you are done with shower. It can also be applied as a deep conditioner prior to shampooing. You are one step behind in achieving your goal so what are you waiting for? Put your hands on this small yet amazing bottle of oil which has tons of benefits to offer.

  1. Supports Healthy Cardiovascular Health

Unhealthy routine leads to unhealthy body. Due to our hectic routine we often ignore to take care of our body and give it the nutrients it requires to stay healthy. We eat foods which can negatively affect our cholesterol levels thus, affecting the health of our heart. Maintaining healthy cholesterol levels can be beneficial for our heart health which is the most important factor which has great influence on our cardiovascular system.

Thus, Omega-3 fatty acids present in hemp seed oil help support the health of the heart. Hemp seeds contain high levels of omega-3s and a healthful ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids which are very beneficial in maintaining the health of our heart. Therefore, incorporating hemp seed oil into a balanced diet helps you maintain healthy cholesterol levels, hence healthy cardiovascular system.

  1. Flavor Enhancer

Hemp oil can be added to smoothies and many recipes, as it has a pleasant nutty flavor. Hempseed oil should not be heated above 300 degrees Fahrenheit, so instead of using it for cooking, it can be added to salads, dips, spreads and veggie dishes as a flavor enhancer.

  1. Helps in Weight Loss

The biggest problem for many people is weight loss. Hemp seed oil is a good source of losing weight as the plant works as a natural appetite suppressant and helps you feel full for a longer period of time. Furthermore, it also reduces sugar cravings thus, helping you reduce weight. If you add hemp seeds in your diet, it will help you curb excess hunger. Hence, if you are worried about losing weight add hemp seed oil in your daily routine and be free of all the worries.

Final Thoughts

Hemp seed oil benefits include properties that make it very beneficial for skin and hair health. Not only is Hemp oil good for skin and hair, but also for overall health, given its properties that help boost immunity and promote heart health. The omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids within hemp seeds are still present when they are cold pressed into hemp seed oil and can offer a myriad of benefits.  

Our 100% pure hemp seed oil is suitable for internal and topical use. So, order your therapeutic grade, unrefined- virgin Carrier Oil Supplement Organic Hemp Seed Oil by Zongle Therapeutics.

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