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6 Essential Oils To Ease Bowel Movement

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Is anyone feeling constipated here? 

Hello beautiful people, at times we do get constipated.  

It can be a consequence of any low fiber foods that you've taken or a drink that your stomach isn't willing to support, change in routine like going to bed too early or extremely late, dehydration or it may even be excessive stress. Whatever it is, it is painful. Many experience severe abdominal pain, leading to nausea, or vomiting and many just feel like their abdominal muscles are contracting and they're feeling like they need to, but they just can't. 

If the situation is not severe, and you're just feeling uncomfortable with the feeling of being constipated you can try diluting any one of the 5 USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OILS listed below and ease those muscles up. 

6 Essential Oils To Ease Bowel Movement

#1 Ginger EO - Helps reduce nausea, increase gastric motility, and improve digestion 

#2 Peppermint EO - Relaxes muscles in the digestive tract and loosens bowel to ease the process 

#3 Grapefruit EO - Stimulates the production of stomach juices that support and ease digestion. 

#4 Lemon EO - Quickens the process of digestion as it is rich in antioxidants and also helps in alleviating pain associated with constipation. 

#5 Lavender EO - Best known for its relaxing properties, it helps with digestion alongside making you feel less nauseated and stressed over the pain. 

So, which one are you going to try next time? 

You'll need 1 drop of anyone Essential Oil for every 4 FL Oz of liquid. Just add in water, stir it, and gulp it down. 😊 

All of them in one way or the other help stimulate the bowel movements to ease muscles and make you feel calmer. 

NOTE: Always use USDA Certified Organic, Safe to Ingest Essential Oils. For usage and dilution guidelines, read product labels. Never ingest essential oils without diluting. If you're pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your doctor before using.

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