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Meditate With Aromatherapy

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We want men in the wellness community to know how they can have a less distracted meditation routine! 

Fun fact is the much-lauded act of meditation that is super de-stressing isn't an easy pill to swallow! In fact, it's a whole challenge, in which one needs to control their thoughts from wandering here and there, sit in peace and forget everything else. It requires one to feel blank to channel energy. But because it needs extensive practice and multiple sittings to train our brain to turn off its circuits, many people get bored and QUIT. 

So how can one do it without getting frustrated? Before we tell that, we wanted to share 3 reasons why men think Meditation is not helpful.  

Meditate With Aromatherapy

Which is the core focus of our post today, so let's dive in! 

Dan Harris, an ABC News Correspondent says, the 3 things as per the memoir 10% Happier, on meditation and men are: 

#1 Men think they must wear those sleek, skin kissing yoga pants which is BS! 

#2 Men believe that their mind is too busy to be able to FOCUS, and that's what is impossible for them to do! 

#3 Men who meditate are mellow, and not macho, which is against the rules? 

First, guys, RELAX! It's nothing like that and let's crush these beliefs with some practical advice. 

#1 You can meditate even in your PJs. It's all about loosening up and staying as comfortable as possible so there's no distraction. 

#2 One sitting is not something that'll help you master meditation. It's a whole routine that you need to do daily for it to impact. PLUS, essential oils are a great source of botanical compounds, which when diffused in mediation can help you focus 10 times better. 

#3 WRONG! It's a serene and calming practice which most SMART men and women both follows. Many geniuses at Google meditate in house and called it a "Neural Self-Hacking" technique. 

#1 and #3 is something you need to align your perception with, we can help you with #2 which is the ability to FOCUS, and which seems impossible to achieve, not only to men but also to women!  

Listed in below, are 3 essential oils that are extremely grounding and centering and can help the neural you FOCUS while you meditate. 

  • FRANKINCENSE: Brings in clarity and helps explore meditation deeply to get a spiritual understanding of the whole act.  
  • LAVENDER: Induces feelings of calmness and relaxation and is well known for its ability to promote compassion and do away with negative emotions. 
  • CLARY SAGE: Centralizes symptoms of imbalance such as mood swings and anxiety and is well known as a euphoric essential oil.   

Now that you know it's not what you've been thinking, would you give meditation a chance which has the capability to help you boost your immunity, regulate sleeping patterns, enhance memory and focus.  

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