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Essential Oils For Introverts

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Some people usually like reading books, staying at home, watching favorite movies etc.  

They like to stay alone, calm, and need a quiet place to concentrate. Group work is a big NO NO! Writing is way better than talking and crowd is something that literally gives anxiety attacks! Still, they're super focused, easy to please, sharp at observing, at times are top performing students, and are really committed to their goals. 

Is this something you can relate with?? YESSS! we're talking about introverts today and how they can find their inner balance through essential oils that help them gain confidence. This down to earth yet gorgeous from inside out soul, enjoys peace, solitude and introspection and we'll help them further this feeling!

Though by nature each essential oil has an ability to connect you deeply with yourself, the essential oils that can really sync with this type of personality are listed below :) 

Essential Oils For Introverts


BERGAMOT: Helps calm anxious nerves. 

CEDARWOOD: Helps boost confidence and focus and the ability to deal with challenges by clearing the mind. 

CLARY SAGE: Helps deal with inner conflict and reduces symptoms associated with self-irritability. 

CLOVE/ TEA TREE: Empowers you to say "yes" to only things that you're happy with and a 'NO' confidently to things that are not aligning to your vision. 

FRANKINCENSE: Helps in finding peace within, while you meditate to revitalize spirituality. 

GERANIUM: Helps in alleviating grief and boosting esteem. 

LAVENDER: Enhances one's ability to look at self with pride and accept it. 

LEMONGRASS: Emotional detoxing helps in doing away with negative emotions. 

OREGANO: It helps you relieve emotions associated with toxic things, people and situations that drain you. 

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