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Essential Oils For Period Care Routine

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A woman's period cycle lasts between 21 to 45 days, but sometimes the cycle becomes irregular. 

Some women experience light period cycles, while others have heavy and long cycles that are uncomfortable. But natural alternatives may help women with regulating periods not only to find peace of mind, but also experience a less uncomfortable monthly cycle. 

Today we've extended our support to women who can use some amazing essential oils as a part of their period care routine to experience a serene period. These oils have been touted by many and have been tested to support women's health in terms of menstruation. 

But before even jumping on to the SACRED LIST, let's explain what is a Period Cycle? 

The fact that Essential oils are so famous among all age groups and because we've a mix of audiences from all ages, explaining the term becomes crucial. 

Once a girl reaches puberty which usually happens at the ages of 11 and 14, her period cycle begins. These monthly cycles continue to take place until menopause, which occurs around the age of 40-50. During periods women may feel moody, grumpy, crampy, fatigued, and bloated just because of the hormone imbalances. Some have regular periods which is pretty good, while others may bleed literally any day of the week which means they've irregular periods. 

What causes Irregular periods? 

There can be several causes of irregular periods, which can sometimes make it difficult to know what it is and therefore how to regulate it. If a woman is pregnant, then her normal period cycle stops until she gives birth. On the other hand, women who are breastfeeding often experience irregular period cycles too. 

Once a woman reaches menopause her monthly period cycle stops. 

Female athletes who participate in high levels of physical exertion may also find that their monthly period cycle is highly irregular, and in some cases will stop completely. So, if you've an intense exercising routine then you may experience irregular periods too. 

Even women with PCOS face hormonal imbalances that lead to irregularities OR If you're overweight, then you'll have to consider getting shape cause this is another cause of irregularity in the list. 

Essential Oils For Period Care Routine

With so many things, what is one supposed to do? 

  • Try and maintain a healthy lifestyle 
  • Try the Essential Oils blend below: 


Lavender Essential Oil: 

This essential oil has scientific research backing it for its health benefits. It has been found effective for helping balance the body's hormones. It promotes relaxation and provides stress relief. 

Peppermint Essential Oil: 

It's amazing when it comes to relieving headaches, soothing burning sensation & in boosting your energy. Fluctuating estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone can leave you feeling fatigued at different points of your period cycle and therefore keeping it handy is always a good idea. 

Cinnamon Essential Oil: 

Cinnamon not only helps in enhancing the taste of your dishes but significantly contributes to regulating your period cycle too. It provides a warming effect to your body, and we all know how blissful warmth feels like when you're on your period. 

Clary Sage Essential Oil: 

This essential oil promotes the production of estrogen, in addition to helping balance important hormones that regulate the period cycle. Clary Sage essential oil has been proven to decrease salivary cortisol levels, which has been linked to stress reduction. It also helps women who are experiencing irregular periods by managing their stress levels. 

Cloves Essential Oil: 

Not only does this essential oil smell like Christmas, but it's super effective at alleviating menstrual pain. It may even help in shortening the duration of your period and stop excessive bleeding known as menorrhagia. 

The most common causes of irregular periods are stress and hormonal imbalances!! But using essential oils, self-care techniques, and lifestyle changes may help restore your period regularity for sure. 

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