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How To Stay Healthy & Alleviate Symptoms of First Trimester With Essential Oils

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Wellness Wednesdays is back with a theme! #EssentialOilsForPregnancy  

Wait what? YESSS!! 🥰 

So, a few days back, we got a query from one of our customers, which asked, "What Essential oils can be safely used during pregnancy?" We gave it a thought and realized; Pregnancy is not just's a lifetime experience that transitions into multiple phases. Each First, Second and Third Trimesters come with their own symptoms and feelings and therefore no one Essential Oil or Essential Oil Blend can be deemed as ONE SIZE FITS ALL! Today we'll try and recommend Essential Oils that are safe to use during pregnancy so you can enjoy each phase having a healthy mind and body. As it's said, a healthy mother brings a healthy child into the world! So today we'll hold your hand for the First Trimester.  

First Trimester is the first 3️ months for the mother-to-be and therefore she needs to be very careful and specific about her choices. Not everyone experiences the same symptoms. Most common symptoms are listed below 👇 

 Sore & Tender Breasts 

 Morning Sickness 




 Muscle Cramps 

 Bloated Stomach 

 Difficulty in Breathing 

 Oedema/ Dropsy 

How To Stay Healthy & Alleviate Symptoms of First Trimester With Essential Oils

Don't worry! Not everyone experiences all the symptoms together. It all depends on your body type, lifestyle, diet, and many other health related factors that count for experiencing these symptoms. So, how can Essential Oils help you with these symptoms?  

First things first! Maintain a healthy diet and do not try to overeat or overdo anything. Relax, take good sleep, eat after every 2 hours. This is the time of high probability when women suffer miscarriages due to rough routines and food choices impacting their conception. So, stay calm and at ease 24/7. 

Secondly, to further your experience we've listed a few Essential Oils each focusing on a particular situation mentioned above that you can use and do away with that symptom alongside being safe. 

NOTE: Do not ingest Essential Oils during pregnancy. The recommended oils can only be used aromatically and topically when diluted generously with a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil. 

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