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Make It A December To Remember With Aromatherapy

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December is here and so are our favorite EOs for winter!! 

Today we've an interesting topic to share with you guys that you might fall in love with! ️ 

December is the month of holidays and it's the most wonderful time of the year. There might be some people for whom December might feel like the most demanding time of the year. But with Essential Oils we can pivot that too! 

So far knock-on wood, we've been crazy healthy using Essential Oils. If you are someone who's not a winter person because it comes with A LOTTTT of dryness, sore throats, chapped lips, and other seasonal threats. And If you can relate to any of this‼️ Then this post is definitely for you to scroll down to know: 

We have jotted down some of the go-to essential oils to help you enjoy December to the fullest. All of these are the MOST IMPORTANT ESSENTIAL OILS TO HAVE ON YOUR LIST. 

Make It A December To Remember With Aromatherapy


1 drop of Peppermint EO + 1 drop Lavender EO work best for seasonal threats (for example flu like symptoms) when used as a vapor rub. 


2 drops of Lemon EO + 8 fl Oz water work amazing for sore throats when used as steam or massaged directly (for massage dilute in carrier oil). 


2 drops of Lavender EO + 1/2 Tbsp of Fractionated Coconut Oil work best as a moisturizer when mixed. 


1 drop of Lime EO works quicker than anything for chest congestion when massaged on chest (for massage dilute in carrier oil). 


3 drops of Lemon EO + 2 drops of Lavender EO + 1 drops of Tea Tree EO work wonders to clean the air. 


3 drops of Lavender EO + 1 drop of Frankincense + 1 drop of Lemon EO work best for a good cozy night sleep. 

Wrapping up the best USDA Certified Organic Essential Oil Diffuser Blends for winter.  

Hope you guys have learned how to love December and prevent winter yuck from hitting your family and friends hard. 

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