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Lavender Essential Oil

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Today Lavender Oil is the most popular essential oil in the world. Lavender contains versatile properties yet is gentle enough to be applied directly on skin, it is a must-have oil! Lavender oil has been around since ancient times, Egyptians and Romans have been using lavender for bathing, relaxation and cooking. 

The therapeutic and relaxation benefits of lavender are nothing new to health and beauty consumers. Lavender products grace store shelves as soaps, perfumes, relaxation masks, salts, lotions and even teas.
However to fully experience the benefit of Lavender, a good place to start is the essential oils.

Zongle Therapeutics provides you with a Lavender Essential Oil. This oil is of French origin and is so pure that it can be safely ingested.


The Lavender Oil has a strong floral scent; it smells like fresh lavender and is less camphoruos than other lavender oils. In terms of taste, just two or three drops are required per gallon for a refreshing lavender taste. The highest quality essential oil is derived by steam distillation of the lavender flowers.

Benefits and Uses

• To promote peaceful sleep sprinkle a few drops of Lavender oil on bedding and pillows, or apply directly to soles of feet.

• Take lavender oil internally to relieve headaches and reduce tension, because it induces relaxation and promotes a feeling of calmness.

• Do you want your surroundings to smell good without using toxic sprays? Mix Lavender oil with water in a spray bottle to freshen up surfaces or the air.

• To enhance flavor of your teas, salads and even muffins (grain-free) you can use a a drop or two of lavender oil. Lavender oil is completely edible. Add the unique lavender aroma to desserts, baked items and marinades.

• To soothe occasional skin irritations, simply rubbing lavender into the area of concern can reduce inflammation and pain intensity.

• Lavender has profound benefits for skin and hair, combine 3–4 drops with ½ teaspoon of coconut or jojoba oil and massage the mixture into the area of concern. You can also add lavender oil to your face or body wash.

Take Away

Lavender Oil is considered one of the most popular essential oils globally. A well-deserved accolade, as more and more people are beginning to realize the extensive benefits of this oil for their health, bodies and homes. So, why wait? Order 100% pure Lavender Oil from Zongle Therapeutics.

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