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Organic Pine Essential Oil

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You must be aware of Pine trees as they are famously used as Christmas trees all over the world. But are you aware of the benefits this amazing tree provides us with? Keep reading to get an insight about Pine and its uses!

Pine, commonly known as the ‘Christmas Tree’, belongs to the family Pinaceae. Botanically known as Pinus Sylvestris, it is native to Eurasia. The tree being more than 210 years old, is also the tallest and an evergreen one. The height of the Pine trees vary from 3 m to 80 m. Majority of the species grow to a height of 15 m to 45 m. Among these species, Siberian dwarf pine and Potosi pinyon are the smallest while Ponderosa pine is the tallest having a height of 81.79 m. The tallest tree is located in southern Oregon’s Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest. As we know that Pines are long-living trees, let’s have a look at some of the oldest Pine trees. Great Basin bristlecone pine, Pinus longaeva is the longest-lived Pine tree. One of the trees of the same species, named as Methuselah, is a 4,850-year-old tree and is known to be the world’s oldest living organisms. It is located in the White mountains of California. However, another older tree which is now cut down dated back to 4,900 years ago and is known as Prometheus. Some of the species of Pine trees have thin, flaky bark while some have thick and scaly bark. Moreover, the branches of Pine trees grow in regular ‘pseudo whorls’ which are very tight spirals. However, they appear like a ring of branches which grow from the same point. Some of the pines produce one whorl of branches each year whereas some of them produce two or more whorls of branches each year. Let’s talk about the famous cones of Pine trees. Pine trees grow both male and female cones which shows that they are monoecious. However, some species are sub-dioecious. The length of male cones is 1 cm to 5 cm which means that these cones are small. These cones are present for a short period of time. The female cones have a length of 3 cm to 60 cm and they take 1.5 to 3 years to mature after pollination. Additionally, the presence of resin is the reason why Pine is used for fuel as well as for making turpentine, pitch and substances used for construction. Since it is said that Pine is the tallest tree, it is also known as ‘The Master of Light’ and ‘The Torch Tree’ in many cultures. Historically, the needles of Pine tree were used as mattress filling as they were believed to protect against lice. The ancient Egyptians used Pine kernels to protect food from getting contaminated.

Our Organic Pine Essential Oil is extracted by steam distillation of Pine needles and twigs and is served to you in its purest form. The oil is used to cleanse, purify, stimulate; and refresh our homes due to its aroma. Pine oil is highly valued due to some remarkable benefits it provides. Common household cleaners contain this ingredient due to which they claim to ‘smell like pine’. In addition to these benefits, pine oil is used to sooth itchiness, inflammation, to relieve minor pain, to slow down aging, to moisturize your skin, to protect against dandruff and promote healthy hair, etc. when used topically. In aromatherapy, it lifts mood getting rid of sad and anxious feelings, head and neck tension and enhances concentration. You can add pine in your diffuser so that it releases negative emotions and gives you a relaxing environment.

With every product comes its chemical components which are some important things to know. Pine essential oil contains about 50 to 65 components altogether that include: Alpha-pinene, Delta-3-carene, Beta myrcene, Beta pinene, Camphene, Beta caryophyllene, Gamma cadinene, Germacrene, Limonene, Borneol, Alpha cadinol and Bornyl acetate. Among 50 to 65 components, these are the most important and influential ones. You also need to know the geographical origin of the plant source so that you can recognize oils with certain characteristics.


Pine essential oil has abundant benefits and can be used topically and aromatically. In addition to the above benefits, following are some more:

Top 7 Benefits of Pine Essential Oil:

  1. Relieves Minor Pain

Want to get rid of minor pain in muscles after a hard workout session or new and unfamiliar movements? Choose something natural for this purpose rather than opting for conventional products which have more side effects than benefits. Pine essential oil is the best choice. It supports joint function and relieves joint pain. It also reduces the inflammation and redness of affected areas. Therefore, massage a few drops of this amazing essential oil onto the affected part as it penetrates the surface of the skin and results in reducing the pain.

  1. Helps You Relax

If you’re going through a tough time dealing with sad or anxious feelings and fatigue or stress at work, stop worrying! Pine oil has proved to be a natural remedy to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. You get sluggish and are not productive enough when you’re going through such feelings. Pine oil is there to get you out of this state. Its woody and earthy scent helps you calm emotions and soothe away tension which is very important for your physical wellbeing and mental strength. It creates an energizing feeling; helps you concentrate and makes you productive. Therefore, diffuse pine oil with lemon oil, bergamot oil or frankincense oil while praying or reading and make yourself comfortable and relaxed.

  1. Skincare

Skin is one of the most important parts of your body which influences your personality and overall look. Since it is exposed to the sun and other harmful environmental threats, you should take care of your skin in every possible way you can. Pine oil is considered to treat many skin problems. It helps in treating mild acne, soothing irritation, and preventing eczema. It also serves as an antioxidant against free radicals that have a negative impact on your skin hence, leading to a new, beautiful and glowing skin. Therefore, add pine oil to your skincare products and enjoy its countless benefits.

  1. Air Freshener

Everyone wants their place, where they are living, to have a fresh and good scent. It is important that along with you, your home should also have an uplifting fragrance which gives you a pleasant and satisfying feeling when you enter. Instead of opting for products full of chemicals get a natural air freshener. Pine oil works the best to block out the unpleasant smell and make your home free from smell-inducing bacteria. Due to its earthy scent, it provides you with clean and fresh air. Therefore, diffuse pine oil in your home or mix it with water in a spray bottle and spray around your room. It will give you a lovely environment.

  1. Cleansing Agent

Neat and clean house and things is what one desires for. One of the amazing qualities of pine oil is that it can be used to mop floors, clean glasses and mirrors, clean carpets, scrub pots and pans. Pine oil is said to be a purifying and cleansing agent. Therefore, if you are concerned about the cleanliness of your house make pine oil your friend.

  1. Reduces Body Odor

Worried about body odor due to excessive sweating? Use pine oil along with proper hygiene in order to get rid of such unwanted problems. It has an appealing scent that may be helpful in reducing bad odor. This ingredient can also be found in many deodorants for the same reason. Therefore, make it a part of your daily routine and feel confident about yourself.

      7.  Relieves head and neck tension

There are tons of reasons to have tension. Sometimes you are stressed about something which causes headache and sometimes you are affected by the environmental pollutants which is one of the common triggers for headaches. However, there is always a way to get out of such problems. All you need to do is make natural products your friend. Pine essential oil is one of the best natural remedy for headaches. It is a must-have on your shelf as it reduces toxins from the air and your surroundings. A study conducted at Lithuania’s Vilnius Pedagogical University suggests positive effects of Pine oil. This study was conducted to know the environmental benefits of Pine oil. Thus, don’t miss a chance on getting a bottle of oil full of tons of benefits. Get one for yourself and live a happy life.

Final Thought:

Pine essential oil is available everywhere in the market due to the availability of the pine tree. It has numerous benefits which have a positive impact on our overall health. Therefore, making it a part of your healthy routine would be the right choice. Combine it with a carrier oil before you use it and pamper yourself!

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