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Organic Sweet Almond Oil

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Ever used a carrier oil which is very rich in nutrients? If not, then you should definitely use one. Why? Because carrier oils are a natural way of dealing with health or skin problem. It has a plethora of benefits which will leave you with a healthy body. If you want to aid both physical and emotional wellbeing, Sweet almond is your oil! This small, mighty, and oh-so-powerful nut is an amazing source of carrier oil. Keep reading to know why this carrier oil is a must have on your shelf.

The Almond tree grows at a height of 4 m to 10 m and has a trunk of up to 30 cm in diameter. The twigs of this amazing tree are green initially but when they are exposed to the sun, they become purple in color. However, in their second year, they turn grey. The length of the leaves is usually 8 cm to 13 cm. The Almond tree has white to pale pink flowers with five petals and are 3 cm to 5 cm in diameter. They sometimes produce in pair as well and appear before the leaves in early spring. Known as the ‘King of nuts’, Almond and its oil have so much to offer. Botanically known as Prunus dulcis, Almond is native to southwest Asia and the Middle East, as far as the Indus River in Pakistan. They best grow in warm climate and climates like dry summers and mild, wet winters. Almond is one of the members of the same fruit family as cherries, peaches, plums, nectarines and apricots. It is a very nutritious and satisfying fruit which is being used since a long time. Let’s talk about the fruit of Almond. It is basically a drupe and not a nut that is 3.5 cm to 6 cm long. There is an outer covering or exocarp, a thick and leathery grey-green coat, which is known as the hull. Inside it is a hard, more like a wood, shell which is known as the endocarp. Inside this woody shell you can find the edible seed which is known as a nut. We can get the both shelled and unshelled Almonds. It is also said to be a symbol of ‘vigilance’ and ‘promise’ due to its early flowering. Moreover, it is one of the early domesticated fruit trees. There are two types of oils that we get from Almonds; Sweet Almond oil and Bitter Almond oil. Although it is believed that Almond domestication started because of the determination of sweet kind from the bitter ones, it is yet not confirmed. Bitter almonds can be toxic as they contain prussic acid which is a form of cyanide that may cause poisoning. It can be used for certain purposes once the cyanide is extracted. Sweet Almond is the type that is utilized by us for different purposes and is safe.

Sweet Almond oil is extracted from the sweet edible almonds by cold-pressing method. It contains high amounts of vitamin E, vitamin A, monounsaturated fatty acids, protein, potassium and zinc. These nutrients, altogether, make it a perfect choice to use almond oil for health benefits as well as cosmetic application. Since it is rich in antioxidants, it protects your skin from getting damaged due to the sun. Also, the oleic and linoleic acids help to reduce inflammation and sooth irritation. It is a lightweight oil which can be used for massages and the vitamin E present in it can be helpful in repairing the damage in the collagen layer of the skin, hence giving you a smooth and wrinkle-free skin. Its ability to not clog the pores makes it easier to use for people who have oily skin. Moreover, it lightens the dark circles which most girls fear. The oil is a natural and amazing alternative for conventional makeup removers. If your nails are brittle you can use this oil to prevent them from weakening further because the zinc present in it can help to make your nails strong. Not only this, it has a lot of other benefits as well so keep reading to know more about this incredible oil.

Top 7 Benefits of Sweet Almond Oil:

  1. Healthy Cardiovascular System

What makes you happier than a healthy heart? Sweet almond oil is one of those oils that work the best for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels which contribute in having a healthy cardiovascular system. Another benefit is that it maintains the blood sugar level of your body which can keep your body healthy and fit. Many people are unaware of the fact that foods like fatty beef, lamb, pork, butter, cheese, all the baked and fried items, etc. tend to have a negative impact on heart health. Monounsaturated fatty acids present in Sweet almond oil may help keep the bad cholesterol under control, if used along with a healthy and balanced diet. So, incorporate this amazing oil in your diet and stay healthy!

  1. Healthy Weight

Ever heard that adding fats in your meal increases weight? Let me burst the bubble for you, it’s a myth! In order to lose weight, you should have a balanced diet which includes fats as well. Research shows that people who consume almond oil daily can shed extra weight fast. Therefore, grab a bottle of sweet almond oil and achieve your goals by making a smart choice.

  1. Supports Wellness of Ear

Earaches, being irritating and unbearable, make it difficult for people to do any sort of work they want whether it is eating or sleeping, etc. They create an uncomfortable situation for you or children suffering from it. Sweet almond oil is the best choice to deal with Earaches caused by excess wax buildup. It works wonderfully to remove the earwax and relieve blockage in the ventilation tubes within the ear. So instead of buying any earwax softener try a natural remedy for this purpose and make your life easier. Put two three drops of warm (upto body temperature) almond oil in the spoon and drop it into the affected ear.

  1. Skincare

Taking care of your skin should be one of your priorities as it plays a vital role in your wellbeing. So why not try a carrier oil? Sweet almond oil is considered to be the best source of improving your complexion. Vitamin A present in this oil helps prevent mild acne and reduce inflammation. Vitamin E in Sweet almond oil reduces dark circles leading to brighter and less puffy eyes when applied. So, wash your face and massage a small amount of this oil under your eyes. Moreover, the oil prevents sunburn due to its antioxidative properties. One of the most important benefit is that it is a natural remedy for eczema. Therefore, don’t miss the chance to enjoy the benefits of this oil.

  1. Improves Hair Health

If you want to have beautiful hair but you’re avoiding using any chemicals, then Sweet almond oil is the natural remedy for this purpose. It slows hair loss and supports healthy and thick hair growth. It is a natural conditioner which repairs damage and dryness. The moisturizing properties of the oil works best for dry hair adding up to your beauty. Therefore, include this oil in your hair care regimen and feel confident.

    6. Healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels

Blood pressure and cholesterol problems are becoming very common among the old as well as the young generation. It is because of the unhealthy eating habits. Our generation is used to having junk food so much that they do not realize that such food items can cause severe health issues. However, we have found a solution to maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels. What is the solution? Sweet Almond Oil! Yes, Sweet Almond oil supports healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels, if taken along with a balanced diet. The amounts of potassium and sodium present in it maintain cholesterol and blood pressure, thereby keeping you fit and healthy in all ages. Moreover, because Almond oil has high amounts of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, it is the best oil for the entire body as it favors the oxygen and nutrients circulating freely in the blood. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a bottle of this sweet and amazing oil and make your life easier, healthier and happier.

     7.Healthy Blood sugar level

Maintaining healthy sugar level is the most important thing which is usually ignored by a lot of people. Due to our hectic routine we usually ignore taking care of our health which is wrong. Sweet Almond oil is the easiest and the quickest way which can make your body healthy. It is proved that Almonds and its oil helps in regulating blood sugar levels, thereby maintaining healthy body. So, make Almonds a part of your health care routine and eat them in breakfast. You can always benefit from these small nuts.

Final Thought:

Sweet almond oil is consumed by a lot of people due to its myriad benefits. It works the best for your skin, hair and health which boosts your confidence. Instead of using chemicals on your face or hair you can use natural products for the same purpose. It is one of the natural products that has some notable properties. So, make it a part of your routine and do not miss a chance to enjoy the benefits it provides.

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