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Collagen Boost With Essential Oils

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Want To Stimulate Collagen but Don't Know How Let's do that today! 

We have seen Essential Oils filling our homes and rooms with its organic soothing aroma, being diffused in spa rooms, getting mixed in massage oils & lotions & even adding to that exquisite taste to all your culinary dishes with a single drop!  

Packed with so many properties, they have been used for lifting, tightening & even improving collagen levels for quite a long time. Today we treat our skin with so many serums that are not all organic and contain tiny percent of these botanical compounds (if the ingredients say they have them). So why not get all the natural ingredients to work on your skin all by themselves and see amazing results for ourselves. 

Collagen Boost With Essential Oils

Collagen is a tub of protein found in your connective tissues. It helps in holding your skin, bones, and cartilage tissues together. You can call it a GLUE that keeps everything in your skin in place so that they don't loosen up and lose their shine! As you grow older, your skin loses its ability to produce new collagen which leads to a saggy wrinkly skin with tons of teeny tiny fine lines. & Then we get fillers to get rid of them. Though aging is a part of our life, what we can do is NOT RISK YOUR SKIN with collagen boosting creams that are commercially available. There are many brands that do produce genuine products but they're expensive too and the worst part is MOST of THEM if not applied properly, will not penetrate the skin. Money flushed down the toilet! That is why Essential Oils are a great way to escape away from commercial products. 

Try out these Essential Oils that are quick and effective in improving collagen production! 👌🏻 

1️ Lemon EO is rich in Vitamin C, which helps in building collagen cells. 

2️ Geranium EO promotes cell regeneration. 

3️ Frankincense EO helps in reducing the appearance of wrinkles. 

4️ Eucalyptus EO improves the skin condition by increasing its ceramide content. 

5️ Patchouli EO helps in hydrating & reducing signs if aging. 

Although, these Essential Oils works miraculously but do not forget to dilute them with a carrier oil in appropriate ratio mentioned on the product label 

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