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Curb Your Unhealthy Sugar Intake

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Hello guys!  

Anyone on diet? Dietitians among many others recommend cutting down sugar intake. As it is one of the major causes of obesity and is found in humongous quantities in candies, cakes, beverages, and our all-time go-to-snack - doughnuts. There are cheat days given as well but not in the early stages of the diet plan and if you’re someone suffering from excessive obesity then IT’S A BIG NO! 

Many people simply cut sugar for the reason of maintaining good health not because they're on a diet. For that we have a roller blend that may help you curb sugar cravings rather easily. 

In a 10mL roller bottle add: 

*10 drops each of Lime, Grapefruit & Peppermint

*Top it off with your favorite carrier oil 

*Shake well to mix 

Curb Your Unhealthy Sugar Intake


Just when you feel cravings creeping up, take out your roller blend, shake it well, apply on palms and cupping your hands over your nose take a deep sniff! 

Voila – DOUGHNUTS? They don't scare me anymore! 🙂 

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