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Handle Sweaty Hands With Essential Oils

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Welcome back to wellness feed guys! 

Today, we'll be talking about an issue that concerns both genders equally. It is Palmar hyperhidrosis that affects up to 3% of the population and has a debilitating impact on one's life. 

No matter where you are, in an interview, chilling out with friends or even when you're repeating your vows after the priests, the sweat won't leave your side. This is quite embarrassing and often distances you from your loved ones as it causes excessive sweating on your hands, armpits, feet, head and other areas. 

Handle Sweaty Hands With Essential Oils

The condition is triggered by multiple situations like intake of alcohol, being on certain medications, hormone imbalances, having spicy food, stress, and even diseases like diabetes. The good part is you can minimize and control it through Essential oils & WITCH HAZEL! 

You've two options to choose from: 

1️) Witch Hazel 

  • Nature's best astringent. 
  • Dries up those damp areas in a snap! 
  • Can be applied directly without being diluted.  
  • Soak a cotton ball into Witch Hazel and rub on your sweaty body parts. 

For those who're allergic to Witch Hazel can try using the 2 essential oils below:   

1️) Tea Tree Essential Oil (Needs to be diluted) 

 Has calming properties and works like a natural astringent that reduces pores. 

  • May have a direct impact on the nervous system to help do away with stressful situations by relaxing both mind and body. 
  • Also helps in keeping areas prone to sweating dry. 
  • Minty aroma makes it a perfect choice for MEN! 

2) Geranium Essential Oil (Needs to be diluted) 

Has properties of an astringent that lessen sweating 

  • Gives your sweaty areas a nice fresh scent 
  • Boosts confidence and helps in maintaining strong relationships 
  • Flowery subtle aroma makes it a perfect choice for WOMEN 

🖐USAGE (For Essential Oils):  

Dilute 1 to 2 drops of EO with a carrier oil of your choice and apply a thin layer to your palms/feet and other sweaty areas. 

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