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Does Overworking Make You Feel Dizzy Sometimes?

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Have you ever experienced blurry vision and sudden loss of consciousness for a short period of time? 

When blood flow and oxygen reduce in the brain it affects your conscious mind, though your body tries to cope up with the situation quickly, but this very instance makes you feel dizzy. 

You can feel dizzy or faint because of several reasons but mostly it is a result of overstimulation of a major nerve called VAGUS NERVE, which reduces one's blood pressure and heart rate. 

Does Overworking Make You Feel Dizzy Sometimes?

Therefore, you can feel dizzy when you're overworked, stressed, in fear, pain, or a state of shock! All of which impact our nerves and we even faint. 

And it doesn't matter where you are, it can happen at the office or home, when you're working in the kitchen or even when you're in the toilet. It all depends on the accumulation of head tension that impacts our nerves one way or the other. 

Other major causes may be low blood pressure, circulatory imbalances, burnout, dehydration, flu or long-term coughing, anaemia or even abnormal heartbeat. 

Other symptoms may be nausea, sweating, lightheadedness etc. If you feel any of the symptoms listed above, what you can do is, lie down with your legs raised above your head that'll help blood flow back to your brain and speed up the process of regaining consciousness.    

OR try keeping your head between your knees for 2 minutes OR try diffusing Essential Oils. 

There are several oils, that you can use, to help when feeling dizzy, but our top picks include: 

1️) Peppermint 

2) Lavender 

3) Rosemary 

USAGE: Sniff directly from the bottle. OR Dilute with a carrier oil and massage on pulse points like the wrists to help. 

NOTE: Do not use Rosemary, if you are pregnant or epileptic. Always dilute generously with a carrier oil of your choice before using. 

If the symptoms persist, seek medical attention. 

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