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Don’t Lose Your Shine!

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Hello Fam and welcome back with another thought-provoking post! 

There are 7 stages of life as we have read and heard. Many pass through all of the stages and some stumble in between these stages from cradle to grave. What is important is to live each stage to the fullest, learning from the past, for a better future and keeping ourselves ready for the unseen to the extent we can. 

We as children did not care much about what people might think of our actions and did what made us happy. Growing up teaches us a lot of do's and don'ts, FAIR ENOUGH! But that must not in any way distort our personality and perception of ourselves. Be it men or women, when a certain event takes place in life, e.g., getting married, and taking vows, we think that now we must give it all to our relationship and children, making compromises at everything so much that we lose our identities. That shouldn't happen. A little self-care or makeover, hanging out with friends, and trying out the diffuser blend below revitalizes, empowers, and energizes you to become YOU! 

Don’t Lose Your Shine!

So, watch your favorite movies and series on Netflix and chill, spend quality time with your spouse and never let that spark fade away, while bringing up your children in the best possible manner you can 🙂 

NOTE: Essential oils are concentrated and must be diluted with a carrier oil like Fractionated Coconut oil to avoid skin sensitivity or irritations when applied topically.  

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