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Essential Oil Blend For Sciatica Pain

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Let’s support your sciatica nerve today! 

Hello fam, today we're sharing something interesting! We're talking about one specific roller blend that's travel-friendly and helps alleviate mild pain almost instantly and all you need to do is make and forget! Just a quick note for those who are unaware, Sciatica pain is extreme pain on the backside of your thigh and leg. Due to this, some might feel the area getting numb, or feel lowered sensation and even reflexes. 

 If you're not sure, rule this pain out by doing the following: 

  • Stand straight and then bend forward on your waist, not your hips.  
  • Then curl your back into a C. 
  • Check if the pain in your back worsens. If not, it's probably not sciatica pain. 
  • If yes, then bend your knee and place your foot upon the chair.  
  • Bend forward more on your waist and see if the pain worsens. If yes, then it's sciatic pain. 

Some natural remedies to help lower this pain include: 

  • Spinal adjustments through a Chiropractor 
  • Exercises involving gentle stretching of muscles 
  • Yoga 
  • Massage through an experienced masseur 
  • Acupuncture 
  • Heating Pads 


  • Use the EO blend below!  

Essential Oil Blend For Sciatica Pain

What you need: 

  • 10mL roller bottle 
  • 7 drop Helichrysum 
  • 4 drop Lavender 
  • 7 drop Marjoram 
  • 7 drop Clove 
  • Top off the rest with a carrier oil of your choice  

Just take 1 drop & massage it onto the skin where you feel the pain flaring and you’ll be able to see the difference for yourself :)  

What have you been using to do away with sciatica pain?  

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