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Different Ways Of Using Essential Oils

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Good day, wellness freaks!  

Today we wanted to let our wellness community know that apart from essential oils' uses in aromatherapy and massages, there are several other ways you can incorporate these essences and their mind-boggling properties into your life. 

As we all know by now that essential oils have strong aromas that promotes alertness with relaxation and pave a path for imagination, creativity, and concentration to flourish. The hundreds of thousands of smell sensors in the nose experience these scents and store them in our brains for a long time. And therefore, these scents need to be used in accordance with the feelings you are looking to reinforce. 

Diffusion and massaging are the most used techniques to let the oils get into your body, however there are many others which you can use. We have compiled a list below that can help you with the usage of these aromatic oils along with the oils that are famous for their specific kind of usage. 

Different Ways Of Using Essential Oils

Through Shower: Peppermint Oil to boost your physical and mental vitality 

As bug repellants: Neem/ Peppermint/ Cedarwood/ Tea Tree/ Citronella/ Vetiver/ Geranium are all famous for their ability to keep bugs away 

As a part of skincare: Helichrysum/ Frankincense/ Rosehip/ Argan/ Rosemary/ Grapefruit all of them help in enhancing your natural beauty without harming your skin 

As a part of haircare: Lavender/ Rosemary/ Cedarwood/ Clary Sage/ Lemongrass/ Peppermint to boost hair growth and strand strength 

As an antidepressant and anxiolytic: Bergamot/ Lavender/ Chamomile/ Ylang Ylang are famous for their ability to reverse the feelings of depression 

At night on pillows: Lavender/ Geranium can help with a good night sleep, along with improving blood circulation which is essential for a productive day 

Neck and shoulder massage: Peppermint/ Clove/ Cinnamon can be used to alleviate muscle pains 

Bath bombs & soaps: This is completely customizable depending on what you want your soap to be used for 

Bundle diffusion with meditation: While you use your favorite blends, try doing so while you meditate as it helps in integrating positive energy 

In culinary: Use essential oils that are safe to ingest and USDA certified organic like our Safe To Ingest range at Zongle Therapeutics. For more information, always refer to the product label 

There are so many ways to do it and we will be sharing more once they’re explored on our way to wellness 🙂 

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