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Essential Oils To Use For Mental Clarity

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Remember we've been sharing about Aromatherapy secrets and benefits of Essential Oils for mental clarity. How they make you feel confident, grounded, and relaxed. 

Well, today is the day when we'll be discussing it on the next level. 💁🏼 

Essential Oils To Use For Mental Clarity

Have you ever had unwanted fears, obsessions, or beliefs that drive compulsive behaviors? Or do you obsessively clean out of fear of germs or getting sick, fixing numbers or counting things repeatedly because something might go wrong, arranging things in order or patterns over obsession, and washing hands repeatedly. 


This behavior is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder aka OCD. It is an anxiety disorder that makes a person have unwanted, repetitive, recurring thoughts or sensations. Needless to say, after some time, compulsive behavior can interfere with daily life and play with a person's wellbeing. 


We all have been cuffed and obsessed with repeating a particular ritual. If you can relate to it or know someone who needs help to not let it affect your job, study, relationship, and your family.  


Keep reading below as Essential Oils can help relax & reduce anxiety & stress with their calming and sedative properties. 

You can use Essential Oils in two ways, aromatherapy and topical application.  

Lavender EO: 

  • Eases nervousness 
  • Reduces anxiety 
  • Promotes calmness 

Rosemary EO: 

  • Strengthens Immune system 

Geranium EO: 

  • Reduces the feeling of fear 
  • Calms down your nerves 

Frankincense EO: 

  • Significantly lowers levels of anxiety and stress 


️ If you choose to inhale, take a diffuser, and pour a few drops of your favorite Essential Oil into the diffuser and give it some time to spread throughout the room. 

️ For those who wish to apply topically, take a few drops of Essential Oils and mix it with fractionated coconut oil. Apply it on your wrist, feet, back, and neck areas.

Isn't this a massive reassurance 

*Though OCD is a condition requiring medical attention, EOs can help with relaxing and relieving the stressful symptoms to some extent. 

Let us know what you have been doing to alleviate symptoms of OCD?  

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