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From Distress To Eustress!

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Hey guys! 

Keeping our minds healthy is as important as it is to keep our bodies healthy. A healthy mind can take productive decisions in life and therefore, we want to dedicate Wednesdays to Wellness of Minds! Interesting? 

From Distress To Eustress!

Today we are focusing on how you can flip your stress from distress (dangerous/ negative) to Eustress (Productive/ Positive). If you’ve encountered any form of stress and tried to negate it through practicing Yoga or meditation- we would say it is awesome!!! But to unwind your mind faster and more efficiently, we suggest bundling your Yoga or Meditation session with Aromatherapy. 

We have listed some essential oils and their uses in aromatherapy below which can help in transforming your mind and boosting it with positivity. Do give them a try and let us know if they doubled your joy. What else have you been using to tackle stress? 

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