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Keep Calm In Your Third Trimester

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We are back with the last POST on the Pregnancy Sequel!!! 


Time has now come, for many of you to experience Third Trimester symptoms. You're all bumpy and can feel your little one move inside. As you progress through this phase, you're experiencing ups and downs, and are already mentally and physically ready to hold a new life in your hands any time soon. Third Trimester is like graduation. You're happy that now things are going to end but you also don't want to let go off these feelings. 

Keep Calm In Your Third Trimester

BEING PREGNANT is a WHOLE NEW LIFE experience different than anything you've ever experienced before. Each stage is precious, and you've made multiple memories across your journey. Third Trimester can again be a lil overwhelming cause you need to be extra cautious about your contractions.  You'll feel like your bump is about to explode…I mean your water is about to break but it isn’t like that…you even bleed but it isn’t like that…So many symptoms like what you'll experience during actual labor and then bleeding that this phase seems like never ending. 

When you think you're about to DO IT! The DOC says, nope! You've not even started dilating yet! LOL Shattering your dreams. Every day and minute passes by in anxiety for both father and mother to be. But that's okay…reading all about it before helps you keep tabs on what can probably happen and be ready for these symptoms in advance to have a worry-free 3rd trimester. 

Well, that was just a sneak peek into what you'll be learning today. We've tons of information on what to use in each of the associated symptoms of the Third Trimester. So, keep reading. 

As we walk you through the symptoms one by one, we recommend Essential Oils that are safe to use during pregnancy so you can enjoy this phase in peace. 

👉 Third Trimester OR Q3 OR the LAST 3️ months for the mother-to-be where she now plans to welcome the baby is the time for utter anxiety which leads to early labor resulting in premature babies. It's important to complete this phase just like others so the baby gets time to fully develop inside of the mother. A healthy nutritious diet is therefore crucially important in this phase as well along with pelvic floor exercises that are helpful when you're considering normal delivery. 

Not everyone experiences the same symptoms. Most common symptoms are listed below 👇 

 Varicose Veins 






 Itchy Skin 

 Frequent Urination 

 Swollen Feet & Ankles 

 Braxton Hicks Contractions 

Let's now jump straight to how to deal with these symptoms.  

️ First things first. As we said previously, continue maintaining a healthy diet and do not try to overeat or overdo anything.   

 Eat and start exercises that can help you prepare for delivery (Manual or C-section whatever the doctor recommends). 

Sleep well & avoid junk. Include foods that'll help organ development and muscle development of the baby. 


️ Secondly, to have a SAFE third trimester we have listed ONE Essential Oil 💧 that you can use and do away with most of the symptoms and help you relax and calm for a blissful THIRD Trimester! 


We would love to help you with your queries 🥰👇🤰🏻 


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